Promethean Website Coming Soon!

The Promethean Student Newspaper will soon be launching its very first student-run website. Through the site, visitors will be able to view selections from The Promethean‘s print publication. The site will be primarily designed for Siena College alumni, parents of Siena students, students studying abroad, friends of the College and those who do not frequent the Siena College campus on a regular basis.  It will contain direct selections from our bi-weekly student publication and will be the only way for friends of the College to see what Siena students are talking about!

Not only will the new website allow for easy access to Promethean articles from the comfort of one’s computer anywhere in the world, but the design of the website will encourage student and community participation.  All articles will allow readers the ability to write comments on articles that are posted, allowing for more interaction between the Promethean staff and its’ readers.

Note that the creation of this website, will not replace The Promethean‘s current print publication. It will only serve to enhance our media outlet.

If you have any suggestions for The Promethean‘s up and coming website, please e-mail us at


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