Keeping it Local: Siena Gives to Albany Region Charity

from November 8th issue

By Kelly Peckholdt

Siena’s annual Charity Week was held November 4th-9th. Each year, the Student Events Board chooses a charity that they would like to donate to and sponsors events to raise money for that charity. This year, Charity Week co-chairs Amanda Scott and Gina Fabian fell in love with the Albany County Correctional Facility for Children’s Benefit.
ACCFCB is a non-profit organization that specifically raises money for children in the Albany area. Several corrections officers formed this charity about five years ago to support children in extreme medical need, particularly needs that are financially burdensome. The charity focuses on one child per talent.jpgyear, and they cover any costs from hotel bills when children are in hospitals far from home to extensive physical therapy. According to Gina Fabian, “[Amanda and I] were trying to find [a charity] that helps children, because we both have a sensitive spot toward that. We met with John Smith, the founder, and instantly fell in love with the charity. John was so thankful when we let him know that we chose his charity for Charity Week.”
The Charity Week events began on Sunday, November 4th, with a trip to see Mary Poppins on Broadway and a basketball shootout in the MAC. On Monday, November 5th, the “Siena’s Got Talent” finals took place. This event was new for SEB to try, and John Smith, Joe Hanson, and Erin Steffen judged. The Donate-a-Meal event took place on Tuesday the 6th, and soup and bread were offered to everyone who donated. The money went to ACCFCB, and Smith came to campus to speak about his charity. On Wednesday, November 7th, the 15th Annual Service Auction took place. Baskets, gift certificates, and student services were auctioned off. Many students donated dates, laundry services, cleaning, or cooking, and the administration auctioned off the number one lottery number for housing and the number one registration spot. Shannon Zulauf acted as “Vanna White,” and Father Bill and Tim Hannigan hosted. Father Bill even dressed as Justin Timberlake! On Thursday, the Battle of the Sexes competition was held in the Maloney Great Room, and students discovered whether men or women are the “greater” sex. Friday’s Wine Tasting event, held in the Serra West Room, concluded Charity Week. Norm Kvam, director of Dining Services, donated five courses and five wines, and those who are 21 and older were able to relax and enjoy themselves while listening to Kvam speak about the wines. A silent auction was also held.
SEB also held two week-long events: the Kids Entertainment drive and the Penny War. They are asking for used or new children’s DVDs, VHS’, video games, CDs, etc., and these donations will go to a room at Albany Medical specifically for children’s recreation to make their stay at the hospital more fun. The Penny War is a competition among the dorms, and whoever gets the largest amount of money in pennies wins. This money will be donated to ACCFCB.
Fabian and Scott love the charity that they are helping to raise money for, and they want to do the best they can to help children in need. Over the summer they were able to meet Hunter, one of the sick children that ACCFCB is currently helping with medical bills, and the experience reaffirmed their admiration for this charity. For further information on its purposes and children who have been helped, visit


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