YOU ARE HERE: Welcome Booth Arrives

from November 8th issue

By Kelly Peckholdt

In an attempt to make Siena more like a gated community, the long-awaited Welcome Booth arrived on November 5th.
The security gates and Welcome Booth were a gift from the Class of 2007 and will help to solve security and navigation issues on campus. Two years ago, security issues involving non Siena students reached their peak, which prompted the administration to find ways to better protect the campus. At first, security established checkpoints where students could be welcome.jpgasked to show their Siena ID, but administrators quickly saw that this is not the norm of how to secure a college campus and searched for a less intrusive solution. The idea for a welcome booth and gates was presented to and approved by the Student Senate and Board of Trustees, and the Class of 2007 raised money to fund the project.
Dr. Mary Ellen Gilroy assures the student-body that the gates will remain open 99% of the time. Nate Maloney, the Director of Alumni Relations, says, “I understand that gating the community will help to cut down on the security check points we need to establish on specific weekends and free up our security team to patrol campus.” The welcome booth at the main entrance will be staffed by a member of the security team at all times, and students will have to show their Siena ID or guests will have to show their guest registration form.
As of now, the booth will be not be operational until the start of the spring semester. It will be staffed from 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM Thursday through Saturday, and the gates will be closed to vehicular traffic when the booth is scheduled to be staffed. Instead, all traffic will enter through the welcome booth and all students will be required to show identification.


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