A Walk Through Academic Excellence

By Sarah Harrison

Students have noticed the new additions to the upper floor walls of Siena Hall but wonder what the many different pictures showing both students and administrators doing community work with the smiling friars represent. These are the new murals entitled the ‘Mission Wall’ and the ‘President’s Wall.’ They were created by Dr. Richardson and carried out by Craig Hall, an alumnus of Siena, and honor the past recipients and present honorees of the Jerome Walton Excellence in Teaching award as well as the Kennedy award for excellence in research and scholarship.
Both of these awards are presented each year to a faculty member, and Dr. Richardson’s mission is to “honor them for their achievement and contributions to academic excellence at the college”
The ‘Mission Wall’ has the college mission statement at its center and shows the seven founding fathers. Its main point is to exemplify the “connection to our history and identity as a Franciscan and Catholic college.” The photos in this mural will represent different academic events which demonstrate how our mission is lived out through the college experience. These include commencement, as well as other academic events which reflect achievement, studying abroad, service projects, etc.
Dr. Richardson’s second mural, the ‘President’s Wall’, “is a tribute to the past Presidents of Siena,” as well as to the inauguration of Fr. Kevin Mullen and it showcases his reflections. The


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