Promethean Takes First Place

The Promethean Student Newspaper recently was awarded First Place by the American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA). The Association annually awards recognition to school publications through a contest that reviews and scores hundreds of entries. Their contest is not only to emphasize the high quality of the publication but also to give suggestions and hints for further improvements. Thus, the ASPA helps to encourage student writers, staff, and editors in their selfless work for their college community. The judges of the ASPA are themselves educators and experienced faculty advisers for scholastic publications. The award as stated by the ASPA shows that “the quality of a school’s publications and how they present themselves to their reading community is a guidepost to the quality of the school.” Therefore, The Promethean is happy to receive this first place award from the ASPA as not only a recognition of the hard work of its staff but also its service to highlighting the best of Siena College.
The last time The Promethean received this honor was in 1992. This achievement proves that the publication, which produces 15 issues per academic year, has considerably improved in recent years after almost a decade of stagnation. When asked to comment on this achievement, The Promethean’s editor-in-chief, Christopher Hannmann, stated “It’s an honor to receive this recognition. It proves that hard work and dedication really do pay off.”
The Promethean student newspaper is the oldest student-run club on Siena’s campus, pre-dating even the school’s Student Senate. It was established as The Chevalier in 1938 and has undergone numerous name changes, including Siena News and The Indian. In 1989 the newspaper’s name was officially changed to its current title, The Promethean. It continues to be the student voice for Siena College students today.


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