Striving for Fortune 500: Student Conference in Business

By Kevin Flood

Being a business major requires you go to many and boring events here on campus but the Siena College Student Conference in Business is not one of these events. The SCSCB took place on Thursday, April 20, and showcased some of Siena’s brightest students in the school of busines. The SCSCB is an event held in Sarazen Student Union and a group of selected students showcase projects they have been working on in all fields of business. They are judged on their material, and a winner is chosen for best paper and presentation in each category.
The conference began with Keynote speaker and Siena college graduate Chris Baldwin, who is the president of Snacks and Cereal Sector of Kraft North America. Baldwin provided a great opening to the event by doing a very informative and funny presentation on the importance of relevance in the world of business. He also provided the audience with a glimpse of an Oreo television commercial that is set to air during the Summer Olympics that nobody else outside of Kraft has seen yet. It is easy to see how he has gotten to be president, he has a charisma, inteligence, and a sense of humor, and i would not mind seeing him do another presentation anytime.
The next part of the event consisted of the group being seperated into three seperate groups: ecnonomics, finance/accounting, and marketing/management. There were four presentations in each( five in economics) room done by students who have spent a great deal of their time working on these projects. The projects were either done during the semesters at Siena or as an independent study. Each student was given a faculty advisor to help with his or her project, and students were given a certain amount of time to complete their presentation. They were judged by faculty members not just on how they presented the material but the paper that they wrote for the project. The papers were graded on a blind review, meaning the judges were not aware of which paper belonged to which student. Jen Falco, a Siena senior, was the student chair in charge of the conference, and she did a great job.
The winner of the best paper for Marketing and Management was Alexander Walthers, who did a very interesting topic of college students’ feelings about counterfeit products. The Finance and Accounting winner of best paper was Nicole Capuzzo, whose paper was on the financial analysis of the Phillipines. Finally, the economics winner of best paper was Jenna Bruun, who did an econometric paper on the analysis of commute times.
The winners of best presentation in the Marketing and Management section were Phil Sidoti, Paul Acosta, Brian Simpson, Matt DeFazio, and Kevin Golebiewski. They discussed the issue of whether Siena College students have a problem with credit cards. Vincent Esposito won best presentation in the Finance and Accounting for doing a financial analysis of Indonesia. The economics winner of best presentation was Bryon McKim, who did an econometric analysis of incumbents and the 2006 United States House of Representatives. While these three presentations earned their awards, it was clear that everyone who participated did an excellent job with their material.
The event lasted from 3:00pm to 5:00pm and seemed to fly by with all the great presentations that were given. If anyone is looking to participate in the event next year, the deadline for submitting paper is September 12, 2008. You can email the submissions to Dr. Raj Devasagayam( or to Dr. Cheryl Buff( After watching the conference for two years in a row, it is clear that every business major should try and participate in this great event, and I know I will when I am able to.


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