Talent Exposed at Expoze

By Meg Rowley

The Expoze, which is the Black and Latino Student Union’s Annual Talent Show, was held on Saturday April 12, 2008. The event, to put it simply, was absolutely amazing. Not only was the event a fashion show but there was also a huge variety of performances that were extremely entertaining. The event started roughly at 7:30 PM and lasted for almost two hours. Admission was free for Siena students and cost five dollars at the door to anyone else. The event was sponsored the Asian Students Association, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Residence Life, and Sodexho. It was held in the Maloney Great Room in the Sarazen Student Union. There was a very good turn out; the entire room was filled! The event was hosted by Tasha Hodges and Derrell Melton, both whom were very funny and moved the event along nicely.
There was singing, dancing, poetry readings, a fashion show, and food. It really showed the talent that lies in the Siena College community. The performances were given by the Siena College Bhangra team, Jason Weiss, the Siena College Irish step dancers, Kloqwork Entertainment, the Siena College Dance team, Briana “Soundwaves” Weeks, Pleasure Principle, Rich Millz and Desiree Opura, the S.O.L.I.D Step team, Fed Gang, Tr!xX, NOOdl3 NOOdle3, Po3t, Desi Delight, Rich Millz, Hotness 151, and Da Female Dons. Every act brought a different flavor and flare to the event that kept the audience surprised and entertained.
In a quick recap two events that really stood out were the Siena College Bhangra team and the Irish step dancers, Reel Treble. The event started with a jaw dropping performance by the Siena College Bhangra team. The performance lasted for about 20 minutes and the audience was completely enthralled by the amazing dance moves, chorography, and energy that the team brought. The male and female group had great costumes and a fantastic routine. It really was apparent that the Bhangra team is extremely talented, and their talents were formally recognized the next day at the Desi Dhamaka 2008, where they took first place in the competition.
The Irish step dancers, Reel Treble, were wonderful. They jumped and skipped and kicked in complete sync with one another. They had the whole audience cheering. The best part was the amazing smiles that they all had on their face throughout the performance, even though it was clearly very difficult.
Jason Weiss, who read his own poetry, has to be noted as very talented and brave. He stood in front of the whole audience and did a completely different act then the fast paced moving and dancing that made up the other acts. Not to mention the fact that his poem, “The Librarian,” was extremely passionate, raw, and intense.


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