Class of 2009 Commencement

By Lisa Dussault

Each year, commencement and senior week is always an exciting thing to be discussed among the graduating senior class.  This year, arrangements began  last semester between Father Kevin Mullen, the administration, the senior class council and Kelly Burke, who is the President of the Class of 2009.  A big topic of conversation was whether or not to move commencement off campus.  Hard decisions were forced to be made because of all the different options for where it could take place.

According to Kelly, “the ideal situation would be to have commencement outside on the quad on a beautiful day.”  However, it is hard to predict the weather and it very easily could end up raining, which would move the ceremony into the gym;  this happened to the last five ceremonies because rain was in the forecast.  Having commencement in the gym was never a good option for the seniors because it limits the amount of guests each person can have and it is not air conditioned.

So the planning committee decided to get feedback from the seniors to see what their point of view was.  They went around to the doors up at the townhouses with a commencement petition and asked seniors if they would want graduation to be held at the Times Union Center or on campus.  174 students signed the petition in favor of having the location changed and only 6 wanted to keep it on campus. For this reason, the Class of 2009’s commencement ceremony will take place at the Times Union Center in May.  All of those involved are very excited because this decision will allow each student to bring 10 guests.  Also, there will be a much better parking situation, all guests will be in one area watching graduation take place and it will be air-conditioned.

And, as usual, the week before graduation there will be senior geared events around campus.  Further, the first 21 Club will soon be taking place on January 29th before the men’s home baseball game.  Throughout the semester, seniors will also be encouraged to donate money to the senior gift.  The senior class is hoping to beat the amount of money raised by the Class of 1989, which was $26,624.  Hopefully the Class of 2009 will reach their goal and have a commencement to remember!



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2 responses to “Class of 2009 Commencement

  1. Ben A

    Dear Editor:

    I was very surprised to read that this year’s Commencement will take place outside of Siena’s campus for the first time in the school’s seventy-two year history. I am not overly distraught over the fact that my family and I will have to trudge to downtown Albany for this year’s ceremony, but I would have appreciated if the school administration had consulted more with the student body before making the decision. I for one, had no idea that such a decision was in the works. I am not against change, but I am against the fact that the school did not have more meetings involving all students, as this will effect future classes as well. I hope that you will publish my conerns in the format of this letter in your next issue. Also, I know this was a big announcement, but the staff of the Promethean could have been a little more creative in the title of the article. That said, I read every issue of the Promethean and I think the staff is doing a great job for a school our size!

    Ben A

  2. promethean1


    We do not accept letters to the editor via the website. Please submit to if you would like it to be published. Thanks for your help!

    -Promethean Staff

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