Campus of Opportunity: Business Conference

By Kevin Flood

On Friday April 17th Siena College hosted the Fourth Annual Student Conference in Business. The conference, for those who are unaware, is an event held on campus where business students are given the opportunity to showcase the hard work they have put into projects and reports in specific fields. The work on this conference begins in the fall when a call goes out for anyone interested to send in their papers. The papers are reviewed for content and then the students are notified as to whetheror not their papers have made it in.  Dr. Raj Devasagayam and Dr. Cheryl Buff, two marketing professors, are the conference chairs that actually created this conference four years ago. They came up with the idea for this conference because they felt students needed a chance to show and get rewarded for the amount of time and effort they have put into some of their work.  The conference also has a student coordinator and two student co chairs. Seniors  Jenny Falco, Paul Acosta, and Alex Walthers, respectively, held these positions this year and did a great job at putting on this successful conference.

This years conference proved just as successful as in years past. The conference started off with guest speaker William Danko, co-author of the New York Times bestseller “The Millionaire Next Door.” Mr. Danko gave a very interesting and informative speech on how we as Siena students can get rich even with this current state of the economy entitled “America is Still the Land of Opportunity”. After the speaker, the people in attendance were split into four different tracks and given the option to attend which ones interested them the most. The four tracks were Management, Marketing, Management Information Systems (which was new this year) and Economics and Finance. Each student had a certain amount of time to present their topic and then there proceeded to be a question and answer portion. After the students finished their presentations, the audience reconvened in the starting room for the conclusion of the conference. During this time the award for best paper and best presentation is given out to those students by a faculty chair. The faculty chairs are carefully chosen and must be experts in the specific track that they are judging. They must carefully analyze each student’s paper and presentation to decide who will get the awards.

The Student Conference in Business  is one of the most interesting academic events held here on campus. It is in the best interest of all Business students, and maybe even others, to come and see the hard work that many of our p

Congratulations to all those who participated and helped out in the Student conference!


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