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Health and Safety Day

By Nancy dos Santos

Siena College’s third annual Health and Safety Day took place Friday, September 11th in the academic quad.  The American Red Cross, Health Services, Resident Life, and Public Safety were all there. Unfortunately, the rainy weather led to a less than perfect turn out for the event. However, a fair number of students, faculty, and staff still managed to attend and everyone seemed to have a great time!

Health and Safety Day was all about providing people with helpful information and making them aware of some of the safety programs available on campus. Even if you did not get a chance to check it out, most of us walking by on the quad were still wondering what a large, charred box was doing in the middle of the quad. A live fire of a mock residence hall room was done with the assistance of the Shaker Road Fire Department. This simulated dorm room fire demonstrated to students just how quickly a fire can spread and how hot it can get. Along with this simulation, there was also training on how to use a fire extinguisher properly.

The event provided useful and relevant information to the Siena community on issues of particular concern to the Siena community such as the H1N1 virus, (a.k.a. “Swine Flu”). An H1N1 prevention booth provided tips and information that every student and faculty member should be aware of. Also at the event, there was the Siena Driving Experience, which demonstrated to students how dangerous it really is to be driving under the influence. Project I.D. was yet another important booth that explained to students how to record serial numbers off of valuables such as laptops and iPods. Forms were given out to help students keep records of their valuables in case of a theft and an engraver was available for students to borrow in order to put their name on some of their valuables. Health and safety are always the most important issues for the Siena community and thanks to all of the great organizations on campus, students, faculty and staff were given an opportunity to stay informed.


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Siena Hosts Fascinating Speaker for Constitution Day

By: Meg Rowley

Constitution Day will be celebrated at Siena College on September 23rd. The celebration will be held during free period on Wednesday the 23rd in the Sarazen Student Union in room 243. Anyone interested in attending, including Siena students, faculty, staff members and people in the local community, are all urged to come to this free event.
Constitution Day is a federally mandated event, which requires all educational institutions to provide education on the United States constitution. The Constitution was signed on September the 18th, causing Constitution Day to between mid to late September. The holiday was created five years ago in 2004 by Senator Robert Byrd. The law that created Constitution Day is very general and flexible in nature, which allows each educational institution to decide how they will celebrate the day. However, the fundamental goal remains the same, to bring awareness and attention to the United States Constitution and its monumental impact on this nation.
Dr. Leonard Cutler, professor of political science, pre-law advisor, and director for the center for the study of Government and politics at Siena College; shed some light on the events that will take place during Constitution Day here at Siena. “Here at Siena, we focus on a keynote address by a scholar that speaks on a issue that is related to a topic that deals with the Constitution.” Cutler says.
The speakers that have talked in the past have been highly renowned scholars. Some of the speakers have included; Adam Liptak, the Supreme Court correspondent of the New York Times, who gave a speech about National Security, entitled; “Liberty Versus Security: The Supreme Court in the Age of Terror.” Professor Paul Finkelman of the Albany law school presented a speech at Siena on Constitution Day entitled, “Making a Covenant with Death: Understanding the Pro-Slavery Constitution.”

This year the speaker at Constitution Day is Associate Professor at Albany Law School, Stephen Clark. Clark graduated from Yale Law School. Part of his accomplishment and credentials include; staff assistant to Senator Al Gore in 1992; Notes editor of Yale Law & Policy Review; a fellow of the ACLU in Illinois; visiting Asst. Professor at Toledo College of Law.

Clark’s presentation is entitled, “Same-Sex Marriage and the Constitution: The Tension Between Law and Statesmanship.” Clark’s speech promises to be very interesting due to his passionate stance on the issue of same-sex marriage. Clark has openly expressed his support of same-sex marriages. He currently is the blog-editor of the site, “Same-Sex Unions in the Conflict of Laws.”

In an e-mail, Clark reports on his efforts to legalize same-sex marriages. “[He] represented 130 New York law professors as ‘amici curiae’ in New York Court of Appeals in support of unsuccessful challengers to state ban on same-sex marriages.” He states he currently is concerned with efforts to secure recognition of out-of-state same-sex marriages in New York, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and elsewhere.

Clark has homes in Albany and Washington. He has been with his partner for 14 years. They are registered partners under the law of Hawaii since 1998.

Clark’s presentation will be roughly 45 minutes with a 15 minute question and answer period following his talk. It is assured that that it will be a lively, fascinating presentation.

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