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Health and Safety Day

By Nancy dos Santos

Siena College’s third annual Health and Safety Day took place Friday, September 11th in the academic quad.  The American Red Cross, Health Services, Resident Life, and Public Safety were all there. Unfortunately, the rainy weather led to a less than perfect turn out for the event. However, a fair number of students, faculty, and staff still managed to attend and everyone seemed to have a great time!

Health and Safety Day was all about providing people with helpful information and making them aware of some of the safety programs available on campus. Even if you did not get a chance to check it out, most of us walking by on the quad were still wondering what a large, charred box was doing in the middle of the quad. A live fire of a mock residence hall room was done with the assistance of the Shaker Road Fire Department. This simulated dorm room fire demonstrated to students just how quickly a fire can spread and how hot it can get. Along with this simulation, there was also training on how to use a fire extinguisher properly.

The event provided useful and relevant information to the Siena community on issues of particular concern to the Siena community such as the H1N1 virus, (a.k.a. “Swine Flu”). An H1N1 prevention booth provided tips and information that every student and faculty member should be aware of. Also at the event, there was the Siena Driving Experience, which demonstrated to students how dangerous it really is to be driving under the influence. Project I.D. was yet another important booth that explained to students how to record serial numbers off of valuables such as laptops and iPods. Forms were given out to help students keep records of their valuables in case of a theft and an engraver was available for students to borrow in order to put their name on some of their valuables. Health and safety are always the most important issues for the Siena community and thanks to all of the great organizations on campus, students, faculty and staff were given an opportunity to stay informed.


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Siena Hosts Fascinating Speaker for Constitution Day

By: Meg Rowley

Constitution Day will be celebrated at Siena College on September 23rd. The celebration will be held during free period on Wednesday the 23rd in the Sarazen Student Union in room 243. Anyone interested in attending, including Siena students, faculty, staff members and people in the local community, are all urged to come to this free event.
Constitution Day is a federally mandated event, which requires all educational institutions to provide education on the United States constitution. The Constitution was signed on September the 18th, causing Constitution Day to between mid to late September. The holiday was created five years ago in 2004 by Senator Robert Byrd. The law that created Constitution Day is very general and flexible in nature, which allows each educational institution to decide how they will celebrate the day. However, the fundamental goal remains the same, to bring awareness and attention to the United States Constitution and its monumental impact on this nation.
Dr. Leonard Cutler, professor of political science, pre-law advisor, and director for the center for the study of Government and politics at Siena College; shed some light on the events that will take place during Constitution Day here at Siena. “Here at Siena, we focus on a keynote address by a scholar that speaks on a issue that is related to a topic that deals with the Constitution.” Cutler says.
The speakers that have talked in the past have been highly renowned scholars. Some of the speakers have included; Adam Liptak, the Supreme Court correspondent of the New York Times, who gave a speech about National Security, entitled; “Liberty Versus Security: The Supreme Court in the Age of Terror.” Professor Paul Finkelman of the Albany law school presented a speech at Siena on Constitution Day entitled, “Making a Covenant with Death: Understanding the Pro-Slavery Constitution.”

This year the speaker at Constitution Day is Associate Professor at Albany Law School, Stephen Clark. Clark graduated from Yale Law School. Part of his accomplishment and credentials include; staff assistant to Senator Al Gore in 1992; Notes editor of Yale Law & Policy Review; a fellow of the ACLU in Illinois; visiting Asst. Professor at Toledo College of Law.

Clark’s presentation is entitled, “Same-Sex Marriage and the Constitution: The Tension Between Law and Statesmanship.” Clark’s speech promises to be very interesting due to his passionate stance on the issue of same-sex marriage. Clark has openly expressed his support of same-sex marriages. He currently is the blog-editor of the site, “Same-Sex Unions in the Conflict of Laws.”

In an e-mail, Clark reports on his efforts to legalize same-sex marriages. “[He] represented 130 New York law professors as ‘amici curiae’ in New York Court of Appeals in support of unsuccessful challengers to state ban on same-sex marriages.” He states he currently is concerned with efforts to secure recognition of out-of-state same-sex marriages in New York, Maryland, the District of Columbia, and elsewhere.

Clark has homes in Albany and Washington. He has been with his partner for 14 years. They are registered partners under the law of Hawaii since 1998.

Clark’s presentation will be roughly 45 minutes with a 15 minute question and answer period following his talk. It is assured that that it will be a lively, fascinating presentation.

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Campus of Opportunity: Business Conference

By Kevin Flood

On Friday April 17th Siena College hosted the Fourth Annual Student Conference in Business. The conference, for those who are unaware, is an event held on campus where business students are given the opportunity to showcase the hard work they have put into projects and reports in specific fields. The work on this conference begins in the fall when a call goes out for anyone interested to send in their papers. The papers are reviewed for content and then the students are notified as to whetheror not their papers have made it in.  Dr. Raj Devasagayam and Dr. Cheryl Buff, two marketing professors, are the conference chairs that actually created this conference four years ago. They came up with the idea for this conference because they felt students needed a chance to show and get rewarded for the amount of time and effort they have put into some of their work.  The conference also has a student coordinator and two student co chairs. Seniors  Jenny Falco, Paul Acosta, and Alex Walthers, respectively, held these positions this year and did a great job at putting on this successful conference.

This years conference proved just as successful as in years past. The conference started off with guest speaker William Danko, co-author of the New York Times bestseller “The Millionaire Next Door.” Mr. Danko gave a very interesting and informative speech on how we as Siena students can get rich even with this current state of the economy entitled “America is Still the Land of Opportunity”. After the speaker, the people in attendance were split into four different tracks and given the option to attend which ones interested them the most. The four tracks were Management, Marketing, Management Information Systems (which was new this year) and Economics and Finance. Each student had a certain amount of time to present their topic and then there proceeded to be a question and answer portion. After the students finished their presentations, the audience reconvened in the starting room for the conclusion of the conference. During this time the award for best paper and best presentation is given out to those students by a faculty chair. The faculty chairs are carefully chosen and must be experts in the specific track that they are judging. They must carefully analyze each student’s paper and presentation to decide who will get the awards.

The Student Conference in Business  is one of the most interesting academic events held here on campus. It is in the best interest of all Business students, and maybe even others, to come and see the hard work that many of our p

Congratulations to all those who participated and helped out in the Student conference!

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Accounting Masters set in place

By Craig Osborne

The Siena School of Business will be offering a Masters degree in Accounting starting in the fall 2009 semester.  Siena received state approval and is in the finishing touches in finalizing the program.  A big reason the program was started was the new requirements to sit for the CPA exam.  Starting on August 1, 2009 all accounting students that want to receive New York State CPA certification will need 150 credit hours, which was previously 120 credit hours.  There are certain classes that are required to satisfy the credit hour requirement.  The best thing about this, is Siena has it set up with the state boards so if you have a certain degree from Siena, they know that you have taken the required classes needed to sit for the CPA exam.

The additional 30 credit hours consist of 24 required and 6 elective hours including internships.  The internships will help students gain valuable work experience.  Seniors in May ’09 will start taking masters classes this semester and graduate in May ’10.  In the future there will be multiple points of entry.  Some seniors will be able to take classes beginning the spring of their senior year while still completing their bachelor’s degree.  It is the programs hope to have some students finish up the program in December and be able to enter the workforce just in time for busy season.  Everybody’s situation is different and if you are interested in pursuing the program you should make an appointment with Professor Gene Farley.

Siena students get first priority to the masters program.  The program will be opened up to other schools after all possible Siena students are accepted.  Just because you go to Siena doesn’t mean you are in the program though.  A minimum overall GPA of 3.1 is required; you must also have at least four B’s in the core accounting classes, which is currently of ACCT 300, 305, 340, 350 and ACCT 400.  After 2010 ACCT 400 will drop out of the core and be replaced by ACCT 370 Accounting Systems.

The GMAT is waived for Siena students, not for students from other colleges.  There is no application fee for Siena students.  There will be a fee for outside students.  The tuition will be exactly the same as the undergraduate tuition.  Normally graduate programs are funded by loans and not by financial aid.  The Stafford loan is increased when you are pursuing a graduate program to $8,500 subsidized and $12,000 unsubsidized.  Subsidized loans do not incur interest while in school and based on financial need while unsubsidized loans incur interest during school and are not based on financial need.  Everyone’s financial aid situation is different and should discuss this with the financial aid office.  Juniors should be expecting to apply over the summer, this way they will know if they are accepted by the fall semester and will be ready to start some classes in the spring semester.  Graduate student housing is being discussed and it is the hope for this to be available in the future.  This program is a big plus for Siena students and its accounting program.

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Saints March on to the Big Dance

By Andrew Reilly

On Monday March 9th The Siena men’s basketball team made history by going to the NCAA March Madness tournament for a second straight year, beating the Niagara Purple Eagles with the score of 77-70.  This is a first in school history.

Siena came into the tournament looking to defend their MAAC title as the favorite to win the tournament again this season, and they didn’t fail.  All three games were played quite well by the Saints in front of a packed house at the Times Union Center.

Siena got off to a slow start in the beginning of the game as the score at the first time out was 15-5 in favor of the Purple Eagles.  That soon changed with an 18-4 run giving the saints the lead.  The rest of the half would go back in forth, with Niagara tying the game up at 33 at the buzzer to end the first half.  At this point the game was up for grabs.  It was going to come down to who simply wanted it more.

In the second half the game would continue to go back and forth until senior and MAAC tournament MVP Kenny Hasbrouck stepped in and scored 11 of the Saints 15 points, marking a 17-4 run giving Siena a 67-54 lead with just 4 minutes left to play.  The game seemed to be over but Niagara led by Tyrone Lewis kept fighting to keep Niagara within reach, in the end however there just wasn’t enough time to finish a comeback.

Kenny Hasbrouck finished the game leading the team with 19 points.  Hasbrouck had a remarkable game after questions of a sore calf he got in the win over Fair Field.  Ryan Rossiter had a double-double, scoring 16 points and adding 14 rebounds.  Alex Franklin also had 16 points, including a monster slam dunk that seemed to be the final blow to the Purple Eagles.  Ronald Moore came close to a triple-double having 7 points, a career high 9 rebounds and 7 of Siena’s 19 assists.  Edwin Ubiles also added 9 points to the Saints already balanced team.  For the game Siena shot 45% while Niagara only shot 33%.

This is the 4th MAAC title by the Saints and the 21st straight home win dating back to last season for Siena.  If the Saints keep up their dominate team balance of play, they surly can surprise a team in the big dance, and continue to open eyes.


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19th Annual National Latino Collegiate Conference

By Jessica Rupert

On the weekend of March 20th through the 22nd, L.U.N.A. is going to SUNY Albany to represent Siena at the 19th Annual National Latino Conference. Each conference has a theme or title, and this year’s is “La Voz de La Calle…Turn Up the Volume.” La Voz de La Calle means ‘the voice of the streets,’ which is meant to put forth the message that all individuals of a community have a right to be heard. Past conferences have taken on subjects such as “Quinceañera: Celebrating our People, Culture and Heritage,” “Yo Declaro: Latinos claiming their community,” and “Bridging the Gap: Luchando Hacia el Futuro.” Each theme encompasses the message of the Latino community holding an empowering and highly involved position within today’s society.

Fuerza Latina, the organization at SUNY Albany, has been an active club within the SUNY community since 1971. Its mission is to act as a communicator between Latino students and the college community. Through many organized events, Fuerza Latina attempts to inform the community of social, political, and economic issues that affect the Latino community. The first conference was organized in 1991 by Jose Maymi and has since grown in size and reputation. First known as the Northeastern Latino Collegiate Conference, and through the hard work of Fuerza Latina, the conference has evolved in the National Latino Collegiate Conference, inviting college students’ nation wide to attend the event.

This year’s conference will consist of keynote speakers, workshops, banquets and a leadership summit. Some of the workshops offered include: Men & Women, Protests, Horizontal Hostility, Latin American Films, The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community in Latin America, Reading Between the Lines: Graffiti Art, and Gentrification.  All of the workshops are held on Saturday the 21st at different times of day. On Friday, the conference opens with a talent show at 7 in the evening and a Fuerza party in the SUNY Campus Center Ballroom. The weekend ends on Sunday the 22nd with a brunch and a leadership summit where students come together for a discussion involving the continuation of the conference and the future goals to be achieved by Fuerza Latina and all other organizations involved in the conference, like Siena’s own L.U.N.A.

L.U.N.A. encourages any and all Siena students to attend the conference to further their knowledge of the Latino community. For further information concerning the event and activities being held each day, visit Since Siena is so close to SUNY Albany, Siena students will not spend the weekend in Albany. Instead, transportation will be included in the $35 registration price required to attend the event. Franchel Mendoza, the founder and co-chair of L.U.N.A. states, “L.U.N.A. (Latinos Unificando Nuestra America) would like to invite the Siena College community to the 19th Annual National Latino Collegiate Conference at SUNY Albany as we all take a progressive step towards positive change and awareness of diverse cultures.” If you want to experience an eye opening introduction to the Latino community or continue working on expanding your knowledge, contact L.U.N.A for further information.

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Mr. Siena 2009


By Leah Antil

This year was Habitat for Humanity’s fourth annual Mr. Siena Contest where ten strapping

young lads competed for the title Mr. Siena being judged on talent, habitat wear, formal wear and a series of questions. While each of these contestants not only had to come up with a talent, pick out formal wear and creative habitat wear; they were also assigned the task of selling over 200 buttons with their shiny smiling faces upon them and let us not forget the rehearsals where they practicing their choreographed dance numbers. With all the work that went into it, there was certainly no question as to how bad they wanted it… and who

wouldn’t want to be Mr. Siena, after all?

Hosted by the ever beloved college Chaplain Father Bill Beaudin and 2006 Mr. Siena contestant, the sweet-as-pie Sam Ogden; the hosts lightened the mood with a little harmless jabbing before all 10 studs entered with a plucky dance number to kick off the night. The judges, Nick Noblett, Chairperson of SEB, Judy Doherty, the advisor to the Habitat Club and Br. Walter Liss, the Friar in Residence of Padua, certainly had their work cut out for them. Each contestant had their own little dance in the spotlight during the introductory montage that they all worked so hard to synchronize. It certainly got the crowd pumped at any rate.

Habitat Wear was first on the agenda as each contestant demonstrated his ability to look sexy and suave while doing manual labor. Highlights include: Vic Cristiano rocking a cowboy hat like nobody’s business, Dave Olek kicking some serious thug butt as (Jason) the Red Ranger defending a Habitat worker. Who couldn’t fall in love with the Siena Saint Bernard, as played by Adam Myott or the giant hammer chasing a giant nail, as played by Bryan Schroter?

The talent portion was up next and it was no disappointment. Leading off the first of many great ideas, Steve Hannigan invented his own workout regimen to increase testosterone and really get you pumped. A creative slideshow, a great group of cheerleaders and some sweet saxophone really won the crowd. He was followed by Vic Cristiano crooning “New York, New York” looking great (as usual) in a dashing tuxedo.

Dave Olek was next, impressing the crowd with his drumming and accomplices in white lab coats and goggles. Not only did he utilize black lights to their full capacity of awesomeness, no one will ever look at laundry detergent the same again.

Greg Maroux delivered a glass symphony on water glasses filled with various amounts of water which quickly escalated into an Apache “Jump On It” dance fest which everyone enjoyed. Dave Galvis looking positively handsome in a black tux performed a piano piece inspired by his frequent late night practices on the piano in Padua Hall which segued into crooning our favorite tune from “10 Things I hate About You”.

Bryan Schroter combined many popular jams, for full list please see, the Saga Soundtrack and Now 27 to tell the audience about the journey that many college students make in their pursuit of a true companion. He wined and dined a mysterious, but very sexy hot blond and wore what was likely the most uncomfortable electric blue spandex known to man.

Derrell Melton went before his very own panel of “American Idol” judges and sang a little Duffy for everyone to enjoy. It was great to see him go from “American Idol” laughingstock and hamming it up, to dancing it out to win the judges’ hearts.

Four-time Mr. Siena contestant Conor Geary performed an original song t

hat definitely was not “Wind Beneath my Wings” about the joys of being a college student, accompanied by a great slideshow that confirmed the joys of being a college student, Siena style. Dan Racciopo slowed things down at Mr. Siena but amped up his Open Mic Night performance by playing a little acoustic and crooning some very delicate originals to a swooning crowd.

Adam Myott brought the audience to the world of Super Nintendo with a game of Tetris, a convincing game of Duck Hunt and starred as our favorite stereotyped Italian, Mario! There was also a guest appearance by Princess Peach and Dr. Ellard.

Following the talents was a truly spectacular dance number with the three past winners of Mr. Siena, Patrick Farley (2006), Adam Mastroianni (2007) and Kristiam Gonzelez (2008). They combined some amazing dance styles and awesome music in their uniforms of cerulean shirts, white shorts and yellow knee highs to drive the crowd wild. It was something that Habitat’s Mr. Siena had not done in the past, but truly made it special.

Formal wear was the last part of the Mr. Siena contest and the last chance for the contestants to strut their stuff for the audience and the judges. Both contestants and escorts looked amazing in tuxedos and dresses of every cut and color. Highlighting this contest of course, was Conor Geary in his very form fitting evening gown that left little to the imagination but a lot to laughter as he eloquently flounced about on stage.

The time now came for the announcement of the winner of Mr. Siena 2009,

but not before another dance number by the contestants that featured a pretty impressive Can-can line. The judges debated, and the winners were announced amidst cheers and Mr. Siena induced euphoria by the crowd. Winning ‘Best Habitat Wear’ was Dan Racioppo with ‘Best Talent’ going to Conor Geary. ‘Mr. Congeniality’ was given to Vic Cristiano for being oh-so-nice and easy to work with. The first Runner Up to Mr. Siena was Dave Olek having a killer talent and defending Habitat workers everywhere from Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. The coveted title of Mr. Siena was passed to Bryan Schroter from Kristiam Gonzalez and the sophomore who only took second place last year was crowned number one in 2009. Of course, every

contestant did a great job, and the Habitat members who worked hard behind the scenes to make it happen are just as worthy of crowns as well. It just goes to show, like Habitat for Humanity, a little hard work, can go a long way. Congratulations to all the Mr. Siena contestants !

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