The Promethean Editorial Board

Kelly Peckholdt, Editor in Chief

Year: 2010
Majors: History/Education
Hometown: West Islip, NY


Welcome back! I am honored to be starting my first year as editor in chief of the Promethean, Siena’s student newspaper. I am a junior history education major, and I have been involved with the newspaper since my freshmen year. I began as a staff writer and worked my way up to editor in chief, and I love the behind the scenes things that are involved with producing the issues as well as writing. My involvement with the Promethean has provided me with many great opportunities so far, including meeting students, faculty, and administrators that I would not know otherwise.

On campus, I am also involved with Ambassadors, a club that gives tours to prospective students. That, too, has provided me with opportunities to meet many wonderful people and to share my experiences at Siena so far.

I am truly looking forward to another exciting year! If you have any questions or are looking to get involved, feel free to contact the Promethean staff at newspaper@siena.edu.

Lisa Dussault, Assistant Editor

Year: 2010
Major: English
Hometown: Rotterdam, NY

Hi everyone! My name is Lisa Dussault and I am the new Assistant Editor for the upcoming school year. This will be my first time working on The Promethean except for a few articles I wrote last semester. I am in my junior year as an English major and Business Minor. On campus I am also involved with the History Club, Outing Club, and Habitat for Humanity, Pep Band where I play the flute, and I am a leader for the Freshmen Retreat. I am incredibly excited to begin and feel honored to have been chosen for this job! I look forward to the new semester and have high expectations for what lies in the future. I am also hoping to meet a lot of new people and gain new experience that will help me in a potential career. I can’t wait to get started!

Craig Osborne, Opinion Editor

Year: 2009

My name is Craig Osborne and I am the opinion editor of The Promethean. I have been writing for the paper since Fall 2007. I transferred from Hudson Valley Community College and I am pursuing a Bachelors degree in accounting here at Siena. Writing for The Promethean has helped me develop writing skills and meet new people on campus. These skills will be very helpful for my future in the business world. I also learn a lot by doing research for my articles.

Kayla Grant, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Year: 2009
Major: English
Hometown: Mt. Hope, NY

My name is Kayla Grant and I am in my senior year here at Siena. I am an English major and am currently writing my thesis for the Siena College Honors Program. I have been writing for school publications since my days in elementary school and am honored to be editing my favorite section of The Promethean, which I have been writing for since my freshman year. When I’m not editing and compiling articles for our paper, I am acting as recording secretary and public relations for Campus Action, Gaelic Society and Education Club as well as participating in Stage III productions and Habitat for Humanity trips. After graduation I plan to attend graduate school where I will put my passion for reading and writing towards obtaining teaching certification in Special Education and Literacy.

Andrew Reilly, Sports Editor

Year: 2011
Major: English
Hometown: Guilderland, NY

My name is Andrew Reilly, This will be my first semester as the sports editor of the Promethean. I am a sophomore English major, from Guilderland New York. I have been involved with the news paper since my freshmen year and I have no complaints. I hope that being the sports editor will open up more career opportunities in sports writing, as I hope to become a sports writer/broadcaster. I look forward to a very fun and exciting year this year.

Promethean Staff

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Circulation Manager: Tiffany Salonich

Website Editor: Craig Shepard

Photographers: Kendra Perro

Business Manager: Emily Tamburri

Faculty Advisor: Brother Linh Hoang, OFM