WVCR Director is Inducted into Hall Fame

By Melissa Rao

On June 24th, 2008, one of Siena’s own was inducted into the New York State Broadcasters Association (NYSBA) Hall of Fame. The ceremony took place in Lake George, at the historic Sagamore Hotel. John Kelly, the director of Siena College’s radio station, WVCR, has led three different radio stations to the top of the charts during his years in the business.

Kelly got his start in radio in 1962 when he received an entry-level job at WTRY, out of Albany. The radio station quickly gained popularity and was sitting on top of the charts in no time at all.

In 1986, Kelly was hired by Jim Morrell, an auto dealership owner, to be general manager of Albany Broadcasting. While at Albany Broadcasting, Kelly helped to pilot PYX 106.5 FM and FLY 92.3 FM to Number 1 in the nation.

Mr. Kelly is modest about his achievements, saying, “I never knew much about anything. I just hired good people and got out of their way.” In 1997, he was named NYSBA’s Broadcaster of the Year. Joseph Reilly (for whom the Siena TV station is named), president of NYSBA and good friend of Kelly, complimented on Kelly’s “great eye for talent.”

Many big names were in attendance at the dinner and the reception. Governor David Paterson of New York was there and gave the opening remarks at the dinner. Famous author, Mary Higgins Clark attended as well. An autographed version of her newest novel, Where Are You Now? was given as a gift for the reception-goers.

Today, John Kelly is the director of Siena’s WVCR radio station, which can be heard at 88.3 FM.


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By Kristen Roys




On Sunday, May 18, 2008, Siena College held its 68th annual
Commencement ceremony as it honored 812 graduates of the class of 2008.

The ceremony was overseen by Bishop Howard Hubbard, D.D., Bishop of

Albany. Rev. Kevin Mullen, O.F.M., celebrated his first Commencement
ceremony as President of Siena College.

Another first for the ceremony was that it was the first time that a
certificate in revolutionary era studies was awarded. Three types of
Bachelor’s degrees were conferred: the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of
Science, and Bachelor of Business Administration.

Two honorary degrees were awarded to James J. Barba ’66 and Immaculee

Ilibagiza. Barba is the current president and chief executive of the Albany
Medical Center. Ilibagiza is a writer who survived the Rwanda genocide.
She was also the keynote speaker. In her address she spoke of her
experiences, offered a message of finding hope despite hardship, and
emphasized that as long as one is alive, one should celebrate. Professor of
creative arts, Paul Konye, wrote a musical tribute to Africa in honor of

The welcome address was given by Tim Hannigan ’08. The commencement
address was given by Victoria Fernandes. She spoke of the positives of the
ever-present Siena community, and how it turned into a second family. A
native of Mississippi, her family was affected by Hurricane Katrina. As
soon as news broke of the devastation, people, from students to faculty to
housekeepers, asked her what she needed.

The class of 2008 was lauded with honors. Fourteen graduates earned
the distinction of summa cum laude (GPA of 3.9 or higher), 145 earned magna
cum laude (3.7-3.89), and 117 graduated with cum laude (3.5 to 3.69)
distinction. In addition, there were 20 honors fellows.

Congratulations to the class of 2008 and welcome to the class of 2012!

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22 Issues Later: Editor Says Farewell

How The Promethean Enhanced My Siena Experience

By Christopher Hannmann


         It is hard to believe my tenure as editor in chief of The Promethean has come to an end.  While it is a very bitter sweet feeling to graduate and relinquish my position as editor in chief, I feel that I have maximized my time at Siena and know that The Promethean has played a significant part in preparing me for life after graduation.  

            For anyone who knows me, they know that The Promethean has been at the core of my life at Siena.  If it is a Monday or Tuesday night and it is a “newspaper week”, my friends know that I’ll be working late in the Promethean Office.  Some often tell me that I’ve been too obsessed or infatuated with working on the school newspaper, but the truth is that I’ve enjoyed every moment spent as editor in chief and would do it all over again. Yes, there are times when it can be frustrating.  Particularly when it’s 1:00am and you still have two full pages left of layout, or when the printing company goes out of business and decides not to tell you, but all that aside, the positives considerably outweigh the negatives.            

Not only has my time spent as editor in chief for the past year-and-a-half provided me with skill sets that I know I will use the rest of my life, but it has also given me the opportunity to interact with, and get to know, many individuals from the Siena College community.

             I take everything that I do very seriously, and have treated my position as editor in chief as no exception.  Since freshmen year, I’ve seen The Promethean grow by leaps and bounds to become one of the best college newspapers in the Capital Region (recently winning an award from the American Scholastic Press Association ).  The road to enhance the newspaper has been a gradual process and I am honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of that process.

            Over the past four years, I’ve seen the publication develop significantly.  Not only has the content of the newspaper considerably improved and the staff expanded, but the physical printing quality of the publication has also been enhanced.   I’ve seen it go from an 8 page publication to a more substantial 12 page layout.  It has also remained on a much more definitive publication schedule, producing 15 issues per year.  The advertising department has also been reinvented and has allowed the publication to become much more self-sustaining, providing funds to allow for the purchase of up-to-date software.  In addition, the publication itself has become heavily read by the campus and local community.  This has been a result of the institution of a marketing campaign which included the design of a new logo and the creation of more visible newspaper stands.  In addition, the launch of the on-line edition of The Promethean (www.sienapromethean.com), has made the product more accessible, and has encouraged more interaction and article submission from students.

             I feel very thankful to have had mentors such as Jacqueline Shelburne, who I was able to observe and learn from when I was only a staff writer with The Promethean.  Shelburne showed me what it took in order to manage and produce the publication, and eventually was the one who believed in me, and asked me to be her successor.  I have also been fortunate to experience the guidance and wise-words of wisdom from two advisors.  Both Br. Brian Belanger and Br. Linh Hoang have been important support systems who brought their own experiences and perspectives to the table.  I was also blessed to have had an amazing editorial board who took their jobs very seriously. I could always count on them to get the job done, even when I asked them to do something last minute.  I would also like to thank Janet Gianopoulos from External Affairs for always keeping me in the “loop” and providing me with news tips as well as allowing me access to her photographs for publication in The Promethean.  Lastly, I would like to congratulate Kelly Peckholdt as she takes over as the next editor in chief of The Promethean.  I am confident that Kelly will maintain the first-rate quality of the publication and will bring many of her own ideas and energy to the table.  She is a very talented and charismatic individual who will do great things for the newspaper. 

            After I graduate this May, I will attend the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University where I will work towards an M.A. in Advertising.  As I embark on this next chapter of my life, I will take with me what I have learned as editor in chief and put it to good use.  The Promethean has provided me with the opportunity to enhance my creative, managerial, and communication skills; all skill sets that are necessary to succeed in the career path that I have chosen.  I am very proud of what I have learned and accomplished as editor in chief and, while The Promethean will always hold a special place in my heart, I know that the time has come to move onward.




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Promethean Takes First Place

The Promethean Student Newspaper recently was awarded First Place by the American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA). The Association annually awards recognition to school publications through a contest that reviews and scores hundreds of entries. Their contest is not only to emphasize the high quality of the publication but also to give suggestions and hints for further improvements. Thus, the ASPA helps to encourage student writers, staff, and editors in their selfless work for their college community. The judges of the ASPA are themselves educators and experienced faculty advisers for scholastic publications. The award as stated by the ASPA shows that “the quality of a school’s publications and how they present themselves to their reading community is a guidepost to the quality of the school.” Therefore, The Promethean is happy to receive this first place award from the ASPA as not only a recognition of the hard work of its staff but also its service to highlighting the best of Siena College.
The last time The Promethean received this honor was in 1992. This achievement proves that the publication, which produces 15 issues per academic year, has considerably improved in recent years after almost a decade of stagnation. When asked to comment on this achievement, The Promethean’s editor-in-chief, Christopher Hannmann, stated “It’s an honor to receive this recognition. It proves that hard work and dedication really do pay off.”
The Promethean student newspaper is the oldest student-run club on Siena’s campus, pre-dating even the school’s Student Senate. It was established as The Chevalier in 1938 and has undergone numerous name changes, including Siena News and The Indian. In 1989 the newspaper’s name was officially changed to its current title, The Promethean. It continues to be the student voice for Siena College students today.

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Striving for Fortune 500: Student Conference in Business

By Kevin Flood

Being a business major requires you go to many and boring events here on campus but the Siena College Student Conference in Business is not one of these events. The SCSCB took place on Thursday, April 20, and showcased some of Siena’s brightest students in the school of busines. The SCSCB is an event held in Sarazen Student Union and a group of selected students showcase projects they have been working on in all fields of business. They are judged on their material, and a winner is chosen for best paper and presentation in each category.
The conference began with Keynote speaker and Siena college graduate Chris Baldwin, who is the president of Snacks and Cereal Sector of Kraft North America. Baldwin provided a great opening to the event by doing a very informative and funny presentation on the importance of relevance in the world of business. He also provided the audience with a glimpse of an Oreo television commercial that is set to air during the Summer Olympics that nobody else outside of Kraft has seen yet. It is easy to see how he has gotten to be president, he has a charisma, inteligence, and a sense of humor, and i would not mind seeing him do another presentation anytime.
The next part of the event consisted of the group being seperated into three seperate groups: ecnonomics, finance/accounting, and marketing/management. There were four presentations in each( five in economics) room done by students who have spent a great deal of their time working on these projects. The projects were either done during the semesters at Siena or as an independent study. Each student was given a faculty advisor to help with his or her project, and students were given a certain amount of time to complete their presentation. They were judged by faculty members not just on how they presented the material but the paper that they wrote for the project. The papers were graded on a blind review, meaning the judges were not aware of which paper belonged to which student. Jen Falco, a Siena senior, was the student chair in charge of the conference, and she did a great job.
The winner of the best paper for Marketing and Management was Alexander Walthers, who did a very interesting topic of college students’ feelings about counterfeit products. The Finance and Accounting winner of best paper was Nicole Capuzzo, whose paper was on the financial analysis of the Phillipines. Finally, the economics winner of best paper was Jenna Bruun, who did an econometric paper on the analysis of commute times.
The winners of best presentation in the Marketing and Management section were Phil Sidoti, Paul Acosta, Brian Simpson, Matt DeFazio, and Kevin Golebiewski. They discussed the issue of whether Siena College students have a problem with credit cards. Vincent Esposito won best presentation in the Finance and Accounting for doing a financial analysis of Indonesia. The economics winner of best presentation was Bryon McKim, who did an econometric analysis of incumbents and the 2006 United States House of Representatives. While these three presentations earned their awards, it was clear that everyone who participated did an excellent job with their material.
The event lasted from 3:00pm to 5:00pm and seemed to fly by with all the great presentations that were given. If anyone is looking to participate in the event next year, the deadline for submitting paper is September 12, 2008. You can email the submissions to Dr. Raj Devasagayam(raj@siena.edu) or to Dr. Cheryl Buff(cbuff@siena.edu). After watching the conference for two years in a row, it is clear that every business major should try and participate in this great event, and I know I will when I am able to.

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Electronic Journalism: New Major to be introduced at Siena

By Christopher Hannmann
As of right now, Siena does not have too many venus for students who want to break into the field of Broadcast Journalism. Next fall, all of that is about to change. Dow Smith, who currently teaches Journalism at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, will be coming to Siena to help build an Electronic Journalism major at the college. While the college currently has a minor called Broadcast and Society, Smith hopes to expand the current program and eventually introduce new aspects. “As a minor, the current program introduces Siena students to careers in either electronic journalism or film,” states Smith. “The hope is the program will soon become a major called something like Electronic Media and School administrators hope the introduction of professors like Smith, who has teaching and field experience, will help enhance the interest in communications on Siena’s campus.
Although interest may be minimal, in recent years the college has seen its media outlets grow by leaps and bounds. Specifically WVCR FM, the college’s radio station, was named 5th in the nation among college radio for two years in a row.
In addition, The Promethean, the student newspaper, has continued to improve to become one of the best college newspapers in the Capital Region. It is through the new major, that Smith hopes to be able to work with other media related clubs on campus, such as WVCR, The Promethean and, of course, Siena College Television (SCTV).
As part of the new program, Smith hopes to utilize the new Joseph Reilly Broadcasting studio that was constructed last April. While since it’s construction, the SCTV club has made attempts to enhance the studio’s usage, the club has had a difficult time recruiting members and therefore has only used the studio sporadically. Smith hopes to change this. He states “One of my main concerns will be to enhance the service from the SCTV channels with a wide variety of program content that is both student generated and from other sources.” Smith assures that SCTV will continue to be the home base for the student television club, but he also sees the minor and the club complimenting one another. “What a great way to learn about making television and video,” states Smith.
While it may take a couple years to get the new major up and running, when asked why Siena students should consider becoming an Electronic Journalism major, Smith states “Electronic journalism covers a variety of important and rewarding careers, everything from on-air reporting in radio or television to the newer field of online journalism. The field is constantly changing. It is an exciting new media world and Siena students need to know more about this new way of doing journalism.”
Students who are interested in Electronic Journalism are encouraged to first declare themselves as a Broadcast and Society minor. See below for some courses that will be offered in the minor next semester. Registration is now available for the fall 2008 semester at http://www.siena.edu/registrar.

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Talent Exposed at Expoze

By Meg Rowley

The Expoze, which is the Black and Latino Student Union’s Annual Talent Show, was held on Saturday April 12, 2008. The event, to put it simply, was absolutely amazing. Not only was the event a fashion show but there was also a huge variety of performances that were extremely entertaining. The event started roughly at 7:30 PM and lasted for almost two hours. Admission was free for Siena students and cost five dollars at the door to anyone else. The event was sponsored the Asian Students Association, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Residence Life, and Sodexho. It was held in the Maloney Great Room in the Sarazen Student Union. There was a very good turn out; the entire room was filled! The event was hosted by Tasha Hodges and Derrell Melton, both whom were very funny and moved the event along nicely.
There was singing, dancing, poetry readings, a fashion show, and food. It really showed the talent that lies in the Siena College community. The performances were given by the Siena College Bhangra team, Jason Weiss, the Siena College Irish step dancers, Kloqwork Entertainment, the Siena College Dance team, Briana “Soundwaves” Weeks, Pleasure Principle, Rich Millz and Desiree Opura, the S.O.L.I.D Step team, Fed Gang, Tr!xX, NOOdl3 NOOdle3, Po3t, Desi Delight, Rich Millz, Hotness 151, and Da Female Dons. Every act brought a different flavor and flare to the event that kept the audience surprised and entertained.
In a quick recap two events that really stood out were the Siena College Bhangra team and the Irish step dancers, Reel Treble. The event started with a jaw dropping performance by the Siena College Bhangra team. The performance lasted for about 20 minutes and the audience was completely enthralled by the amazing dance moves, chorography, and energy that the team brought. The male and female group had great costumes and a fantastic routine. It really was apparent that the Bhangra team is extremely talented, and their talents were formally recognized the next day at the Desi Dhamaka 2008, where they took first place in the competition.
The Irish step dancers, Reel Treble, were wonderful. They jumped and skipped and kicked in complete sync with one another. They had the whole audience cheering. The best part was the amazing smiles that they all had on their face throughout the performance, even though it was clearly very difficult.
Jason Weiss, who read his own poetry, has to be noted as very talented and brave. He stood in front of the whole audience and did a completely different act then the fast paced moving and dancing that made up the other acts. Not to mention the fact that his poem, “The Librarian,” was extremely passionate, raw, and intense.

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