Siena Grad Back in Basketball

By: Zach Collins

Siena graduate and former men’s basketball player Tay Fisher has been selected in the Harlem Globetrotter’s draft.  Fisher is one of six players selected for the position. Other players include Patrick Ewing Jr., Sonny Weems of Arkansas, Texas A&M’s William Bullard, Oklahoma’s Corpus Christi and Auburn’s Donald Thomas.

Fisher’s three point range and his charismatic personality on and off the court are the attributes that attracted the Globetrotter’s in the first place.  Fisher finished his Siena career shooting 44.4% from the three point range. He hit 12 three pointers in the final two games. He scored 21 points in a rout against Rider for the MAAC Championship and he went 6-6 in an upset win over Vanderbilt.

The Globetrotter’s are a well known team who has played in 119 different countries. Fisher along with the other five player’s will enter camp this fall; where they will be competing for a spot on the roster.

McCaffrey Back for 8 More Years

from April 30, 2009 issue

By: Andrew Reilly

The 28th ranked Siena Saints according to the coaches AP Poll has their general back, and for 8 more years.  McCaffrey who has turned the program around from the day he signed here 4 years ago has signed a letter of agreement for a new 8 year contract worth of about 4 million, the school announced on Tuesday April 8, 2009.

Despite the long term contract, it still doesn’t answer many questions about Coach Fran’s long term future with Siena, as Xavier has showed great interest in McCaffrey after losing their head coach.  Part of McCaffrey’s contract has a buyout agreement meaning that if another school wants’ McCaffrey, they would have to pay Siena an undisclosed sum.  Coach McCaffrey has posted an 85-44 record with Siena, winning two conference championships and two NCAA tournament games.  He is known for his great recruiting skills, which is a key for Siena to continue to be a contender.

  1. “I haven’t sought another position, and no one else has contacted me,” McCaffery said. “But there is a buyout agreement, and nothing has changed there.”

If coach McCaffrey decides to stay for all 8 years it will be a great victory for the basketball program and the school in general.

The NCAA’s from Behind the Basket

from April 2, 2009 issue

By: Lisa Dussault

One of the best perks about being in the Siena College Pep Band is not only the money we get, or the great seats we get or even the fun we enjoy when playing our instruments, but it’s the part where we get to travel with the basketball team and witness their victories first hand!  Recently, our very own basketball team made it to Round One of the NCAA Tournament located in Dayton, Ohio.  We were going against Ohio State…in Ohio….surrounded by thousands of Ohio State fans in the University of Dayton Arena.  But that made no difference to our team because they had their own cheering sections…all the Siena fans up in the stands, the Cheerleaders and the Pep Band right behind the basket rooting them on and fighting for their victory!

The game started at 9:40 pm with the entire stadium jam packed with thousands of fans.  The atmosphere was charged with excitement and emotions were heightened with expectations for what the night would hold.  Playing the flute in the Pep Band, I was seated in the first row, directly behind the basket with a perfect view of the whole game.  Each member of the band had great seats and we were all ready to scream our hearts out in order to pump up our team.  Despite the vast difference in Siena fans compared with Ohio State fans, it made no difference for us. We chanted “Let’s Go Saints!!” and “S-I-E-N-A” and “Defense!” until our lungs practically gave out the entire night.  And it was an awesome game, to say the least.  It was head-to-head the entire time, with Ohio State usually taking the lead at different times.  But both times when Ronald Moore made his historic 3-point shots seconds before the buzzer bringing us into overtime, I almost felt my heart give out!  It was a wild time to be part of the crowd, and as the game came toward the end in double overtime, Siena won with the score being 74-72.  The Siena fans erupted in applause and cheering for our team ensued instantly.  It was definitely one of the most exciting games I have ever been part of; it was the best feeling to be witness to our team’s great achievement in making it to the second round of the tournament.

The second round against Louisville had us all worried in the band.  All day Saturday as we anxiously discussed our chances of winning, we were totally excited and ready as ever to cheer our team on.  Some of us made signs to hold up to show our support and we prepared ourselves to be even louder than the last game.  We were all nervous as we pulled into the arena but had faith in our team.  We were in the back room waiting with the Louisville Pep Band watching the Pittsburgh and Oklahoma State game and we could feel the tension in the room.  But the tension was quickly replaced by excitement as we were led out to the court and made ourselves ready to cheer on our team.  If I thought the Ohio State game was stressful, Louisville was ten times worse!  The crowd was crazy and we cheered as loud and as much as we could.  This game definitely put Siena on the map because our team made the Louisville coach scared to death when we were winning for a stretch of time.  The excitement and anxiety was building all around us when Siena was winning; I could tell the other players were nervous by how good our team was.  Unfortunately, within the last three minutes, Louisville caught up and surpassed us with some good shots.  Louisville ended up winning with the score being 79-72.

Even though the score says that Siena lost in this game, I still think of them as the winners. Our team almost beat the number one team in the country…and they only lost by seven points, which was amazing!  After the end of the game, all the Siena fans in the audience and those of us down on the court cheered for our saints and excitement filled the arena. We were proud of how good they did!

In the back room, the Siena Pep Band and the Louisville Pep Band were forced into each other’s presence once again.  Only this time, they congratulated us on a well played game.  We were taken aback by their enthusiasm for us and I thought it was nice of them to say this.  One older gentleman even walked by and said to us, “If no one knew who Siena was before, they definitely know now!” This put us in high spirits and we set off with high hopes for next year!

Overall, the entire trip was incredibly fun and very successful. There may not be a lot to do in Dayton, Ohio, but what we found was enjoyable and worth it for the amazing games we got to witness.  I could not have asked for a better seat at the game and our team did better than we could have ever hoped for.  Each player did their best and fought hard under the toughest pressure.  Go Saints!!

Siena Saints Rally over the U.C. Davis Aggies

from April 2, 2009 issue

By: Martha Kelly

The Siena women’s lacrosse team hosted an exciting game Monday vs. the U.C. Davis Aggies, and came out of it with another win to add to their 6-1 overall record.

Holding the lead for the opening minutes, it looked as if the Saints would have no problem defeating U.C. Davis. However, in the final 10 minutes, the Ags fired in 4 straight goals.

Although the first goal of the game was scored by U.C. Davis’s Molly Lapolla within the first four minutes, Siena quickly fought back. Lindsey Rosecrans and Michelle Andreo fired in two goals to take the lead. After two more U.C. Davis goals, Siena jumped back on the score board to tie it up 3-3. Siena’s lead at the end of the first half came after an impressive 4 goal run.

Siena came out swinging after the half time break with two quick goals, one from Junior Ryan Tierney, bringing the saints up 9-6. Soon, the tides began to change and the Saints’ chills grew from more than just the wind. U.C. Davis grabbed the momentum with 4 straight goals, to rip the lead right from the Saints hands.

“We started getting really nervous when they (U.C. Davis) started getting back. Coach had warned us that they weren’t a team to over look, and now we knew why,” admitted Junior Cate Quinlan.

Not a team to go down easy, the Saints regained composure and rallied back with 3 goals to take the lead, ending the game at 12-10.

Saints Show What They Got on National Stage

from April 2, 2009 issue

By: Andrew Reilly

On Selection Sunday a couple weeks ago Siena earned the best seeding in school history, a number 9 seed out of the Mid-West region.  Their opponent: the number 8 seed, the Ohio State Buckeyes.  The Saints as well as their fans traveled the 11 hour drive to Dayton Ohio to see their school once again show the nation what they got.

When the Saints took the court for round one there was a certain feeling of confidence among the team and Coach Fran McCaffery.  However, the Saints did not play according to plan, turning the ball over 22 times and making just 6 of 23 from the 3-point line.  Despite their play throughout the game, the players’ heart showed in scoring the last 4 points in regulation to send the game into overtime.  After trading baskets in the first over time with the score 65-62 in favor of the Buckeyes, Ronald Moore hit the biggest shot of his career (at that point) hitting a three with just 3 seconds left to send the game into a second overtime.

The Second overtime was very similar but had a divergent outcome.  With the Saints down by one on their last possession, Ronald Moore worked his magic once again passing it to Ubiles who drew 3 defenders on him.  Ubiles then kicked it back out for Moore to hit the game winning 3-pointer with just 3.9 seconds left. Moore made the shot from the same spot he made the shot that sent the game into the second overtime.  “I just wanted to drive the ball and find someone open,” said Moore, who missed his first four 3-pointers. “I felt even though I was 0-fer, I was going to take the shot. It opened up for me.”

Ryan Rossiter had another tremendous game posting a double-double.  Ohio State blew an 11 point lead in the second half, allowing the Saints to get back into the game.  “Obviously, it took everything we had,” Siena Coach Fran McCaffery said.

In the second round, the Saints had to play the number 1 seed of the tournament, favorite to win it all; the Louisville Cardinals.  Whoever won got a chance to play in the Sweet Sixteen in Indianapolis.   Many people thought Siena had no chance in this game.  Once again Siena proved them wrong by sticking with the Cardinals and eventually taking a 4 point lead on a Clarence Jackson layup with 7:20 left to play.  But the Card’s showed why they were the best team in the nation with Terrance Williams taking over late in the game with a clutch three pointer that changed the momentum of the game.  The final score was 79-72 in favor of Louisville.  Ubiles had an outstanding game scoring 24 points and grabbing 8 rebounds, as did Alex Franklin scoring 19 points.  Kenny Hasbrouck in his final game as a Saint added 15 points as well.

Siena showed the nation that they can play on the big stage and gave themselves the confidence to perform at a high level again next season.

Saints Fall to UAlbany

from April 2, 2009 issue

By: Laila Wahdani

The girl’s softball team was shutout in a doubleheader against Albany on Wednesday afternoon. Ualbany won the first game with a score of 2-0 and the second game with an identical score. The Saints struggled, managing only four hits, five base runners and only one to pass second base. Albany dominated the two games with their strong pitching. For Siena, Jamie Piela had a few strong innings striking out four but giving up the two runs.
The Saints have a long road ahead of them and a lot of catching up to do. It is yet to be seen whether or not the team will pull together to rise to the level at which they belong. The Saints were scheduled to play against Iona on Monday, March 30th but due to rain, the games were rescheduled to Monday, April 13th at 1 p.m.

Siena Men lose heartbreaker in home opener

from March 5, 2009 issue

By Nate Bette

LOUDONVILLE  – There was The Miracle at the Meadowlands in 1978. Then there was Wide Right in 1991. On February 25th, the Siena Men’s Lacrosse team found a new way to describe epic defeat: Less Than a Second.

That’s how long it took for the UAlbany Great Danes to tie the game. Trailing by one, UAlbany goaltender John Carroll hurled the ball downfield into the Siena box, where it was scooped up and thrown into the goal by Joe Resataris to send the game to overtime. After a scoreless first overtime period, the Saints were undone by a man-advantage goal by UAlbany’s Joe Pompo.

The Saints had a good game plan entering the contest. They managed to control the clock (and the scoreboard) in the first three quarters, and led at halftime 4-1. The tides soon turned the Great Danes’ way though, with UAlbany outscoring the Saints in the second half 6-3.  Once the unthinkable had been done with the Danes tying the game, the momentum remained in their corner until Pompo’s goal ended it.

Siena fought hard to the very end, with goals from junior Attack Ryan Duggan (2), senior attack Chris Zarins (2), senior midfielder Kenny Mazzone (1), junior midfielder Shaun Dunn (1), and freshman midfielder Chris D’Alberti (1). The Saints received assists from freshman attack Bryan Neufeld (1), freshman attack Chris Roth (2), Dunn (1), and D’Alberti (2). Sophomore goaltender Brent Herbst posted 14 saves. The Saints as a team also outshot the Great Danes 40-32, won the ground balls battle 44-35, and dominated face-offs 10-6.

Siena Men lose season opener to No. 4 Hopkins

from March 5, 2009 issue

By Nate Bette

BALTIMORE, MD – The Siena Men’s lacrosse team opened its 2009 season with a loss against last year’s NCAA Runner-Up Johns Hopkins in the first ever meeting of the two teams.

Siena pulled out to a 3-2 lead after the first quarter, but were silenced for the rest of the game by the stingy Blue Jay defense. Johns Hopkins scored 9 unanswered goals for the rest of the game, ending with a final score of 11-3.

Freshman attackman Bryan Neufeld scored two goals for the Saints, and junior transfer attackman Jordan Loftus added one more. Senior attackman Chris Zarins assisted Neufeld on his first goal, and junior midfielder Mike Whalen assisted on Loftus’ goal. Sophomore goalie Tom Morr had 8 saves for the Saints against 37 shots on goal.

The Saints return home this week to face rival #17 UAlbany.

Saints Win on National Television

from March 5, 2009 issue

By Andrew Reilly

The Saints continued their dominant season with a huge win over Northern Iowa on ESPN’s Bracket Buster day.  The game was played on ESPN 2 in front of a sold out crowd at the Times Union Center.

Siena got off to a very hot start in the first half with Clarence Jackson hitting four out of five from the three-point line, leading all scorers with 12 points.  The Saints led at half time with a score of 41-19.

In the second half, Northern Iowa outscored the Saints but the lead was too big for the Panthers to catch Siena.  The final score was 81-75 in favor of the Saints.  Kenny Hasbrouck led the Saints with 16 points, and seven other Saints had eight or more points, including reserves Clarence Jackson and Josh Duel.  Ryan Rossiter had another outstanding game, scoring 11 points with six rebounds, three blocked shots and three steals.  Ubiles added 10 points as well.

Over all Siena shot nearly 50% from the field, converting 7 out of 19 three-pointers and 16-22 in free throws.  Siena has run their home winning streak to 18 straight wins, which is the 5th longest home winning streak in the nation.  Siena has already wrapped up the number 1 seed for the MAAC Tournament coming up in March.

A bonus highlight of the game occurred during a timeout in the second half, when Brendan Bradt made a half-court shot for $25,000 in the Northeastern Fine Jewelry Shooting Stars contest.  The shot made Sports Center’s Top 10 at number two.

Saints Get First MAAC Loss

from February 12, 2009 issue

By Zach Collins

The Siena Saints suffered their first lost Saturday against the Rider Broncos. Ryan Thompson scored the game winning layup with three seconds left. Kenny Hasbrouck was nine for eighteen from the field and five for eight from the three point range. His 29 points was not enough to keep Siena perfect in the MAAC.  Alex Franklin and Ryan Rossiter each posted double- doubles with Franklin scoring 16 points and collecting 12 rebounds and Rossiter with 14 points and 11 rebounds. Ronald Moore and Edwin Ubiles each added 10 points.

The Saints led the Broncos 71-58 with 8:58 left to play.  The Broncos answered back by scoring on 16 straight possessions to take an 86-81 lead with 1:35 left in the game. The Saints rallied back to tie the game but would come up short of perfection.  Five Rider players scored in the double figures including Mike Ringgold, Ryan Thompson, Justin Robinson, Harris Mansell and Novar Gadsen. Justin Robinson scored a career-high 25 points.

The loss snapped Siena’s eight game winning streak. Before Saturday’s loss the Saints won 17 straight games against MAAC opponents dating back to last season. The Saints will have to recover quick as they face Loyola on Monday at the Times Union Center.

Siena Blows By Loyola in the Second Half

from February 12, 2009 issue

By Andrew Reilly

The Siena women’s basketball team (9-12, 8-4) earned a hard fought win against the Loyola Greyhounds (8-14, 3-9) with a score of 65-46. Both teams struggled early in the game with their offense. At halftime, the score was 28-25 favoring the Saints.

In the second half, however, it was a different story. Loyola scored the first two baskets of the second half to take a 29-28 lead. The Saints were cold and had a turnover in their first four possessions. The teams traded baskets and leads for the next three minutes. Then Siena went on a 21-4 run with just 9 minutes left to secure a substantial lead over the Greyhounds. Senior Heather Stec had a career high game of 24 points along with pulling down 9 rebounds.  Junior Merrick Volpe also added to the Saints’ scoring with 13 points setting a career mark of her own.

The game was played at UHY Court in front of 1,182 fans on breast cancer awareness night. The Saints partnered with the Capital Region Action Against Breast Cancer (CRABB!) for the annual Pink Zone game. Prior to tip-off, 21 local breast cancer survivors were recognized in a pre-game ceremony. The Saints wore pink uniform in honor of breast cancer survivors.

Despite having a below .500 overall record, the Saints are 4th in the MAAC with an 8-4 record.  The Saints have shown that they can contend in the MAAC, and if they keep this play up, you could be seeing them in the March Madness Tournament.

Siena Dominates Fair Field, Marks Best Start for any MAAC Team

from Jan. 29, 2009 issue

By Andrew Reilly

The Siena Men’s basketball team has gotten off to the best start of any MAAC team     (8-0), since the conference expanded to 10 teams.

On January 17th the Saints showed why they were picked to win the MAAC in the preseason, by dominating the Fairfield Stags 78-62.

Siena started off the game with a 22-4 run and never looked back.

Edwin Ubiles shot 7-7 from the field and led the team with 16 points along with 7 rebounds.  Kenny Hasbrouck and Alex Franklin each had 14 points apiece, with Clarence Jackson scoring 13 off the bench.  Jackson hit three 3-pointers in the second half to keep the Saints in a comfortable lead.

Siena shot a season high 58% from the floor for the game, while the Stags shot under 50%.

Since Siena lost three straight games in the Old Spice Classic, they have won 12 of 14 only losing to nationally ranked Pittsburgh and the national champions Kansas Jayhawks.

The Saints are looking to shape up another March Madness tournament appearance where if they play the way they are playing now, they can be dangerous come tourney time.

Saints overcome 14 point deficit to beat Marist 91-85 in OT

from Jan. 29, 2009 issue

By Zach Collins

The Saints hardly looked liked the only undefeated team in the MACC as the Red Foxes owned a 14 point lead with 3:17 to play, that’s when the Saints showed why they were picked the pre-seasons number  1 team.  In a game where Kenny Hasbrouck, Alex Franklin and Ryan Rossiter fouled out, the Saints bench stepped up and helped win the game for Siena. Kyle Downey’s 15 points from the bench helped Siena tie the game at 76 while being down 14.  Six of his fifteen were in the final minute as he hit two 3s.

With Siena close to losing their first conference game the Saints began to foul Marist. Marist shot just 53% from the free throw line which helped the Saints overcome their 14 point deficit.

“We always knew we had a chance.” Said Kyle Downey

A total of five Saints hit double figures including: Ryan Rossiter, Alex Franklin, Ronald Moore, Kenny Hasbrouck and Kyle Downey.  Marist was led by R.J Hall who scored 21 points and Ryan Schneider who scored 19. Marist made 11 of 26 from the 3 point line which made Marists lead in the second half seem almost impossible to beat, the key word there being ALMOST.  Edwin Ubiles scored the tying bucket to bring the game into overtime and that’s when the Saints took the game scoring first eight points. The Saints now take their undefeated record back home with a game against second place Niagara on Saturday.

Siena Girls Basketball Team loses to the Marist Foxes

from Jan. 29, 2009 issue

By Laila Wahdani

The Siena women’s basketball team lost on the 18th to Marist, 65-55. They were finally on a winning streak, but all streaks must end. Siena was leading for most of the game but what shook them was at the free throw line. Marist hit 21 of 26 when Siena hit only 2 out of three. Siena held a 51-48 lead at 5 minutes but Marist stole the lead by hitting a three making the score 54-51, a lead that  they weren’t going to give up. Marist has won their last five games by a 31.2 average. Siena’s next game is Friday against Manhattan.  Look for the Saints to start up a new win streak.

Getting to Know Kyle Downey

from Jan. 29, 2009 issue

By Andrew Reilly

When Siena signed Kyle Downey in early May of last year, they got an ultimate team player.  Never selfish, Downey comes off the bench when asked by coach Fran McCaffery game in and game out trying his hardest to earn a win for his team. At the guard position, Downey is an outstanding ball handler and can score the basketball when asked upon.

Scoring came easy to Downey in his high school career, where he lettered 3 times at the varsity level at Fairport high school.  He averaged 26 points and 11 rebounds as a senior.  Those types of numbers earned him the Monroe county player of the year.  He was also selected to the all New York state team as a junior and senior.

Downey comes off the bench this season usually spelling Ronald Moore.  Moore probably will be the first person to say he appreciates the minuets Downey gives him to rest.  McCaffery probably appreciates it as well, giving him an easier decision when it comes to substitutions.  This season Downey nearly averages 5 points per game which is good considering he only averages 9.6 minutes a game.  Just recently however, Downey had the best game of his career where he led the Saints in a comeback, hitting 2 3-pointers in 47 seconds against the Marist Red Foxes.  He finished the game with a season high 15 points. If Downey continues to show improvements, he will see his minutes continue to increase, eventually becoming a future starter of this Siena Saints Basketball team.

Women’s Volleyball Dominates St. Peters

from Dec. 4, 2008 issue

By Dylan Krasinski

Saturday, November 8th the Siena women’s volleyball team dominated St. Peters on the court.  With this big win, the “lady saints” guaranteed themselves a spot in the MACC tournament.  The Saints beat St. Peters 25-20, 25-17, and 25-21 to win the match and improve their overall record to 16-11 and an impressive 13-2 in the MACC.  Since this match, the team has gotten wins over Marist and most recently a semi-final win over Canisius to put them into the MACC championship for the fourth straight year.  The MACC championship will be held on Monday the 24th.  The Saints will be playing their hardest to try and get a win to become league champions for the second year running.

Siena Mens Soccer

from Dec. 4, 2008 issue

By Nathaniel Bette

POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. – Siena Men’s Soccer saw its season come to a close as the Saints lost to Fairfield by a score of 4-0. The score did not reflect the game as Siena played down a man for the final 73 minutes of the game. The Saints controlled play until Zach Gosse’s red card and continued to do so during periods of the game. Fairfield’s Jack Burridge scored the game winning goal in the 35th minute and poured it on towards the end of the game.

The game changed completely in the 17th minute when senior Zach Gosse was ejected. Gosse went into a 50-50 ball and collided with a player; moments later he slide tackled Matthew Uy and earned a red card. The Saints would play a man down for the rest of the game. Head coach Gareth Elliott gathered the starters by the bench to talk with them and substituted defender Geoff Narode for midfielder Matt Turcio so Siena could play with four in the back.

Fairfield had a promising chance in the 26th minute when Erik Ilisije was in a foot race with Brian Woodfield for a long ball played into the penalty box. At the last second, Woodfield slid and knocked the ball away.

The Stags took a 1-0 lead in the 35th minute on a goal from Jack Burridge. On a loose ball, Christian Uy popped the ball over the defense from 30 yards out and Burridge headed it past a charging Steve Skonieczny.

The Saints started the second half playing inspired soccer, controlling possession and earning a free kick and corner kick in the first three minutes. Fairfield extended their lead in the 62nd minute. Matthew Uy played a ball through the middle of the defense and Christian Uy touched it past Skonieczny for the 2-0 lead.

Senior outside back Ross Cardinell sparked some offensive chances for the Saints in the second half. He jumped into the attack a number of times and put two shots on goal, a team high for the game.

In the 64th minute, Fairfield pressured again with two shots after a corner kick landed in the Saints’ box. The second shot was labeled for the right post but Woodfield cleared it off the line.

Fairfield sealed the game in the 79th minute with Matthew Uy’s second goal of the game. Christian Uy drew a ball back from the end line to the penalty spot where Matthew Uy finished it in the back of the net.

Siena’s season ends with a 9-8 overall record, the program’s best since 1998. Fairfield went on to win the MAAC Championship against Loyola.

Siena Girls Lose There Season Opener

from Dec. 4, 2008 issue

By Laila Wahdani

The Siena women’s basketball team lost on Friday to Syracuse 89-75. It was the season opener, and they have gotten off to a rocky start. The team wasn’t meshed well, missing a key player, Shondaya Burrell due to unforeseen circumstances. Senior player, Heather Stec scored on all of her eleven shots; unfortunately this wasn’t until late second half.

In order for the basketball team to start winning games they need to start playing as a team and know that by working together they can accomplish something great.

Saints Defense Dominate in Victory

from Dec. 4, 2008 issue

By Zach Collins

The defense of the Siena men’s basketball team held Cornell shooting to just 35% and helped Siena beat the defending Ivy League champions. Kenny Hasbrouck scored 22 points and Ryan Rossiter posted his first career double- double, which the Saints won 74-56.

Ryan Rossiter ended the game with 10 points and 15 rebounds and played tremendous defense with four steals and two blocks.  Alex Franklin went 6-7 from the field and finished with 15 points. Cornell’s Geoff Reeves, who came into the game came averaging twenty five points per game, was held to just thirteen points with great defense by Edwin Ubiles. Ubiles also scored twelve points and had seven rebounds.

Jeff Foote led the way for Cornell with 14 points and nine rebounds, while Geoff Reaves and Ryan Wittman combined for 23 points. The lead changed 11 times in the first half with Cornell seeing their last lead with 1:28 to go in the first half. The Saints recorded the last five points of the first half and entered in the second half with a four point lead.  It was all Saints in the second half in which they opened with a 9-2 run. The Saints lead the second half by as many as 19, and improved their record to 2-0. Siena’s next game will be on Thanksgiving Day when they face off against the nationally ranked Tennessee Volunteers in the Old Spice Classic. The game starts at noon and will be covered by ESPN2.

Saints Crush Boise St. In Season Opener

from Dec. 4, 2008 issue

By Andrew Reilly

The Siena Men’s basketball team opened up their season in great fashion, blowing out Boise St. in a rematch of last year’s blow out against the Broncos in Idaho.  Senior Kenny Hasbrouck led the Saints with 20 points.

Siena started off the game with a 15-5 run and didn’t stop there.  They dominated for the whole game and even led by 34 points at one time.

Siena went into the half with a 27-13 run putting them up by 19 with a score of 47-28.

Siena shut the door in the second half on any possible comeback for Boise St.  With a 12-4 run, ending with a Ronald Moore 3 making the score 59-32 in favor of the Saints.

The two freshmen played a huge role in Siena’s fist victory.  Kyle Downey scored 14 points, while his fellow classmate Owen Wignot scored 8 points, with 7 rebounds and 2 blocked shots.

The final score was 82-52.  Siena’s solid defense forced the Bronco’s into 22 total turnovers, and held them under 35% shooting.

Rhode Island Comes from Behind to Beat the Saints

from Dec. 4, 2008

By Andrew Reilly

After losing to Syracuse, the Siena Women’s Basketball team came into their game last Monday confident in getting their first win against Rhode Island; unfortunately they came up just short, but showed some promising results.

Junior Sarah Fullmer put up career highs with 23 points, and senior Heather Stec added her second double-double in as many games with 13 points and 17 rebounds.

With 2:27 left on the clock, Junior Allie Lindemann hit her first 3-pointer of the game to bring the Saints within two points.  After a quick time out Rhode Island took over the game beating Siena 66-60.

Union no Match for Siena

from Nov. 13, 2008, issue

By Andrew Reilly

The Siena Men’s basketball team started the 08-09 season on the right foot, by dominating The Union Dutchmen in a 99-47 exhibition game at the ARC which featured 1,620 fans most of which were Saints Fans.

Clarence Jackson led the team in scoring with 27 points, shooting 7-10 beyond the arc in just 18 minutes of play.  Edwin Ubiles also had a good game scoring 19 points.  Ubiles and Jackson got the crowd into the game fast with fast break dunks and excellent 3 point shooting.

The other aspect of the Saints that has to make Coach Fran McCaffery happy is the freshmen class. Owen Wignot, who started, scored 11 points in 29 minutes and Kyle Downy who came off the bench scored 19 points.

The Dutchmen were led by Drew Desmarais who scored 12 points and had four rebounds.

The Saints shot nearly 50% from the field, with 42 rebounds, 24 assists and steals, and 7 blocked shots.

Siena will open up their regular season on November 17th against Boise State, a team that Siena upset last year.

Siena Girls Lose to Loyola

from Nov. 13 2008, issue

By Laila Wahdani

The girl’s soccer team lost Sunday to Loyola 2-1. It was only their second loss of the season. Even with this loss the team will still compete in the MAAC Championship, they will face Fairfield on Friday. For Siena Lindsay Tegas scored the lone goal for Siena, heading a cross from Ashleigh Barone. Loyola scored the winning goal in the last minute to defeat the Saints.

This game was also senior day . The seniors this year are number 21 Shana Brady, goalie Patti Carroll, number 1 Stephanie DiMari, and number 23 Chelsea Maguire. The seniors this year were a key asset to the team and helped the team to most of their victories. Losing these seniors will be a great loss to the Saints, they will be missed.

Phillies Overcome the 28 Year Drought

from Nov. 13 2008, issue

By: Andrew Reilly

It’s been an exciting season in Major League Baseball, and we can finally crown a champion.  The Philadelphia Phillies. Winning their first World series in 28 years beating out the Tampa Bay Rays, and what a wild series it was.  Game 5, the clinching game for the Phillies took nearly 50 hours to play, and a couple of rain delays leaving the game suspended in the bottom of the 6th.

The Phillies eventually broke the 2-2 tie with RBI’s by Jason Werth and Pedro Feliz, winning the game 4-3 and taking the series 4 games to 1

Cole Hammels won the series MVP award as his team won both games he started.  Brad Lidge closed out the game for his 7th save in the post season.

“It was crazy to win it with a suspended game, but we did it and it’s over.” Quotes Phillies Pitcher, Jamie Moyer.

Attention All Athletes: Squash Club in Need of Members

from October 30, 2008 issue

By: Dylan Krasinski

Are you interested in becoming involved in one of the fastest growing athletic clubs on campus? Do you enjoy playing racket ball in the MAC, but find yourself getting tired of just hitting the ball around? Do you get a “rush” from new and exciting challenges? If you find yourself answering “yes” to these questions, then you may want to go down to the MAC on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday nights at six o’clock to give squash a try.

If you may have an interest in joining the Siena squash club, here are some facts to know. While squash and racket ball are similar in the fact that both sports require a ball and a paddle, they do not have much else in common. According to head coach Peter Avitable, “comparing racket ball to squash is like comparing checkers to chess”. While racket ball is an enjoyable sport, anyone can pick up a racket and play. Squash is a bit more difficult; it takes a certain amount of finesse. Peter also makes the point that “if you enjoy racket ball, you will most likely enjoy squash.” Additionally, after experiencing squash, many individuals do not ever go back to playing racket ball.

For those individuals who have an interest in joining the club, but are hesitant because they do not know what a squash ball even looks like, you are in luck. To join the squash club, prior experience is not necessary. All you need is a pair of sneakers and an open mind. The team will provide the rest of the equipment, which includes a racket, ball, and safety goggles. The team practices in the MAC on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday nights at six o’clock in the squash courts. Wednesday night is “intramural night”, which means that anyone is welcome to come down and play. When speaking with Craig Shepard, the club’s co-captain, he stressed that he would “encourage anyone to come down and give squash a try, because it is a healthy sport that anyone can learn to play.”

The Squash club was formed last winter and is now quickly on the rise. With many opportunities in the upcoming year, the team will be quite busy. This coming February the team will be participating in the annual National Squash Tournament, which will be held at Yale University. Siena will be participating in the “emerging division”, and will face opponents from around the country. Also beginning next semester, the club will be hosting weekly matches on Saturday afternoons against other clubs from the area.

Although the squash club is young, their future holds a great deal of promise. If you are interested in joining this great group of dedicated individuals or are just interested in getting some exercise and having a great time while doing it, you can either contact Peter Avitable or Craig Shepard or just go down to the MAC on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday night ready to play. The Siena squash club is an excellent way to get involved on campus and meet new people. For those individuals who are still on the fence about joining, go down and check out a practice, you will not regret the decision.

Siena Women’s Volleyball Suffers Loss

from October 30, 2008 issue

By Laila Wahdani

The Siena Women’s Volleyball team dug themselves in a deep hole against Syracuse. They lost 3-0 in a long sought out battle. In the beginning number 19, Burgundy McCurty, and number 5, Kelly Hummel, were a force to be reckoned with, blocking shot after shot. But after the second timeout in the first game Siena started to lose momentum.

In the second game it seemed that they couldn’t get a shot off. It ended 25-3, and 2-0, and eventually 3-0.

Even though Siena lost, we all must suffer a loss to realize that we don’t always win in life, or in the game. It gives us a chance to discover who we really are. That’s not to say lose every game and don’t try hard to win, but taking losing as a lesson, and know that one will do better next time.

Saints Fall to #8 Loyola

from October 30, 2008 issue

By Andrew Reilly

The Siena men’s soccer team snapped their 4 game winning streak, with a tough loss to nationally ranked Loyola. The Saints were shut out all game until the 77th minute, when senior Mike Desimone scored on a penalty kick making it a 2-1 affair.

The Saints had another chance to score, but Loyola’s keeper made an excellent save in the 83rd minute shutting down all hopes for the Saints to come back. The final score was 3-1.

The Saints record is 5-6-1 and 3-1 in MAAC play. The Saints take on Niagara at home this Friday, as well as Canisius on Sunday. Look for the Saints to start up another winning streak.

Siena beats out Rider

from October 30, 2008 issue

By Zach Collins

The Siena men’s soccer team achieved their first four game win streak with a 2-0 win over Rider on Friday. Joey Tavernese and David Bonzerato each scored a goal against the Broncs. Steve Skonieczny earned his third shutout of the season making six saves. Sophomore Danny Aucar quotes

“This is a huge achievement for our program, which has brought us back into MAAC contention. Our team has shown a lot of heart and passion which will help us down the road.”

The four game win streak helped Siena bring their record back to 5-5. The team hopes to improve their win streak when they face the undefeated Loyola.

Jones hits Paydirt x3 as Jets defeat Bengals

from October 16, 2008 issue

By Nate Bette

EAST RUTHERFORD – The New York Jets and Cincinnati Bengals came into week 6 with plenty of optimism. The Jets had dismantled the Cardinals before their bye week, and the Bengals had gone toe-to-toe with the vaunted Dallas Cowboys in Irving one week prior. Only one team’s optimism was realistic after Sunday.

Thomas Jones ran for 65 yards and three touchdowns in a 26-14 victory over the still winless Bengals. Cincinnati was without its starting quarterback Carson Palmer, due to an injury suffered in last week’s defeat against Dallas. Backup Ryan Fitzpatrick filled in, throwing for 152 yards and rushing for one touchdown. The Bengals kept it close through three quarters, but eventually the Jets wore them out.

Brett Favre threw for a mediocre 189 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions. Supporting the team was the Jet defense, which held Cincinnati to just 43 yards, rushing on 21 attempts. The leading rusher on the Bengals was QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The only other score for the Bengals came early in the game, when Chinendum Ndukwe returned a fumble 15 yards for a touchdown. The Bengals would not score again for two quarters.

The win for the Jets improves them to 3-0 in games after the bye week under Coach Eric Mangini. They return to above .500 with a 3-2 record, still hunting down the leading Buffalo Bills, who were idle this weekend. They face two more weak opponents at Oakland and vs. Kansas City before their showdown in Orchard Park with the Bills.

This Week in College Football

from October 16, 2008 issue

By Nate Bette

It was another rough and tumble week across the ranks of NCAA Football as the Associated Press top 25 was yet again shaken up by upsets up and down the rankings.

Leading off the assault on the previous order was the annual Red River Rivalry game between No. 1 Oklahoma and No. 5 Texas. The Longhorns pulled off the upset, defeating the Sooners and claiming the No. 1 ranking for the first time in 25 years during the regular season. Following Mack Brown’s squad was that of Nick Saban, with the idle Alabama Crimson Tide remaining at No. 2. Previously unbeaten Missouri dropped from No. 3 to No. 11 after a loss to Oklahoma State, who rose above them to No. 8. An LSU loss to SEC rival Florida, dropped the Bayou Bengals to No. 13 from a previous No. 4.

When Missouri fell, Penn State rose, after the Nittany Lions jumped from 6th to 3rd after defeating Illinois. Paterno’s team was followed by Bob Stoops’ Oklahoma at No. 4. Florida regained ground to No. 5 after defeating LSU in the Swamp. USC rose to 6th after a drubbing of Arizona State in the L.A. Coliseum. Texas Tech remained in 7th after their victory in Lubbock against Nebraska in overtime. Brigham Young University and Georgia round out the top 10.

After Missouri at 11, Ohio State is ranked 12th and LSU follows them at 13. Utah, Boise State, and Kansas maintained their ground at No.’s 14-16. Virginia Tech and ACC rival North Carolina held spots 17 and 18. South Florida and Michigan State completed the top 20.

The remaining five were Wake Forest in 21st, Vanderbilt at 22nd (after losing its first game of the year at Mississippi State), Pittsburgh at 23rd, Ball State at 24th, and California in 25th.

Siena 2-0 in the MAAC

from October 16, 2008 issue

By: Andrew Reilly

The Saints faced off against Manhattan this past Sunday, in what could be a preview of a playoff match-up with the Jaspers in the MAAC Tournament. The Saints tied up the game in the 41st minute with a breakaway goal by Bobby DiFilippo. In the 73rd minute Mike Desimone broke the tie with a rolling shot past the keeper. This shot secured the win for the Saints making them 4-5-1 and 2-0 in the MAAC conference.

The Saints are starting to get hot, as they have won 3 straight games.

From Worst to First The Rays are on Top

from October 16, 2008 issue

By: Andrew Reilly

A year ago today, the Tampa Bay Rays were sitting at home watching the MLB playoffs on their TV‘s. This season is different however, as the Rays went from worst to first, earning the team its first winning season and division win since entering the League in 1998. The Rays beat out the Red Sox for the division by 2 games, allowing the Red Sox to take the wild card. The Rays also beat out the Yankees by 8 games, snapping the Yankees 12 straight playoff appearances.

The Rays, who won 97 games this season, added a lot of talent from the past seasons. One of their main acquisitions was rookie phenom Evan Longoria, who posted a .272 average, with 27 homeruns and 85 RBIs. Longoria missed a short amount of time with a broken wrist, but should still be in contention for the Rookie of the Year award.

Dioner Navarro, who once was a top prospect in the Yankees farm system, had a solid rookie season, as the first time all-star had a .295 batting average, with 7 homers and 54 RBIs.

The two rookies were not the only players who helped get the Rays to their current position. Veterans Carl Crawford, Scott Kazmir, James Shields, Cliff Floyd, and Carlos Pena played a huge role in the Rays’ success this season. Shields had a strong season, as he went 14-8 with a 3.56 ERA. Pena led the team with 31 homers and 102 RBIs.

The Rays face a tough challenge matching up against the defending World Series Champions, the Boston Red Sox, in the ALCS, but their talent and youth will surely overcome the injury plagued Sox. Look for the Rays to be in the World Series, as they knock off Boston in 6 games.

Siena Volleyball Team On a Dazzling Winning Streak

from October 16, 2008 issue

By Laila Wahdani

Since September 24th, the Siena Girls Volleyball team has won all their games, 4 games to be exact. They are on a magnificent winning streak, and are now the team to beat. In the Binghamton game especially, the Saints worked together as a team. They outlasted Binghamton for three matches, coming back from being behind by at least five points.

Watching the game was amazing as number 19, Burgundy McCurty, flew over players and spikde the ball with such ferocity that one in their right mind would move far away from where the ball was landing.

This team has gotten off to a rocky start but with the help of the Siena fans and the coaches it can go places. Last year they won the MAAC Championship and now they have a lot of expectations to uphold. Losing a lot of the players from last year dug them in a deep hole, but watching this new, younger team, one can see that they have the potential to be great, and they shall be.

Siena Tennis Players Shine in Third Annual Siena Invitational

from October 2, 2008 issue

By: Stephen Archer

Competitive tennis was back in Schenectady, in the Third Annual Siena Invitational. The event included players from Siena, Providence, Holy Cross, and Hartford. The event was held at Schenectady’s Central Park, that just went under recent renovations. The invitational was paced by the performance of Siena seniors Sarah Mayer and freshman Jasleen Sandhu. Mayer and Sandhu paired up to win the doubles championship match of the invitational. They defeated Ayushi Sinha and Ashley Rissolo of Providence. The individual championship match pitted the two teammates against each other. Mayer defeated the younger Saint 6-2 and 6-0. Mayer did not loose on Sunday proving victorious all three of her matches. Overall it was a great event for Siena Tennis and the greater Schenectady community.

Siena Baseball

from October 2, 2008 issue

By Zach Collins

The Siena Mens baseball team has a new pitching coach – Joe Sinicola, who played four years at Eckerd College. The team posted a 30-26 record and advanced to the MAAC championships.

Sinicola has lots of experience in coaching; he was also an assistant coach for the Glens Falls Golden Eagles of the New York Collegiate Baseball League. As an assistant coach Sinicola created a conditioning plan, managed the team’s defense and oversaw travel and field maintenance. Joe will be the primary pitching coach and recruiting coordinator for the Saints. Sinicola will also be Coach Tony Rossi’s right hand man. Coach Rossi quotes:

“He’s a talented young coach with a great work ethic and a keen knowledge of the game. He will be a great asset to our program.”

The Saints have eight under classmen pitchers and six upper classmen pitchers it will be Sinicola’s job to coach the young pitching staff and recruit next seasons players. With Sinicola joining Siena’s baseball program the Saints hope to advance to the MAAC Championship for second season in a row.

Siena Hockey

from October 2, 2008 Issue

By John Boudreau

Imagine a group of Siena student-athletes parading around campus with a national championship trophy held astride. This picture may become a reality come the end of a long winter season.

There is a team on campus that has a realistic shot at winning a national championship. This may seem surprising to some because most sports fans acknowledge that small colleges have a slim chance of winning a NCAA National Championship in basketball. Small upstarts can make runs, à la George Mason, but they are rare and seldom win championships. So what team has title contention? The Siena men’s club hockey team.

The team, which is not governed by the NCAA, but rather the American College Hockey Association (ACHA) a league that spans four divisions. There are many good college aged hockey players in this country, but opportunities for these young men to play for a NCAA team have become few and far between with the heavy influx of Canadians and Europeans and larger pool of talented American players. The ACHA gives these players a shot to play competitive hockey beyond their high school and junior days. Institution’s such as Penn State, University of Delaware, Michigan State University and Arizona State University all have teams competing in the ACHA, as do most major Universities and many smaller Colleges from all across the United States.

Siena competes at the Division II level of the ACHA. Last year out of over a 160 teams they were one of the top four teams in the nation. Siena led the Northeast region (Division II is broken up into 4 regions) in the coach’s rankings from the beginning to the end of the season earning them an automatic bid to the national championships in Fort Myers, Florida. According to Senior Dave DelSonno, “Last year’s success has helped feed this team’s determination to get back to where we were.” This team has lofty goals for the season, but the way things have been going for the boys there is little left for them to accomplish than to compete these goals.

“Anything less than a national championship would not be a successful season,” DelSonno concedes, “We’ve been to the National Championships the past two seasons highlighted by the final four last year, winning it all what we have left to do.” Last year’s squad lost to eventual National Champion’s Davenport University. It seems the team has every reason to feel confident. The team lost only 3 seniors from last year’s team that dominated their league.

This year’s squad is led by a senior class that includes DelSonno, who has played on an ACHA All-Star squad that competed in Europe last winter. Joining DelSonno, are seniors Captain Bryan Biagioli, a four year stalwart on the defensive corps. Assitant Captain Michael “Chich” Chiellino as well as Nick Orlando another well decorated four year player.

In addition to the seniors, a strong junior and sophomore class represent the girth of the roster. Specifically Junior Adam Brown will be called upon to continue his superb play between the pipes as the anchor of the Saints defense. Joining DelSonno up front is Junior Rob Duhoski and sophomore Christopher Harjung, both coming off campaigns that garnered them both All- League honors. “The junior class is very strong,” says DelSonno. Last year’s freshman played significant roles on the team and will be called on to do the same as they become more experienced players at the college level, according to team Captain Biagioli. “The new recruiting class is very strong, we’ve got defensemen who will step right up and fill the holes left by graduation,” says DelSonno.

Along with winning games on the ice another goal for the season in many of the player’s minds is to generate a greater fan base and awareness on campus. The team is a club which separates it from most of the athletics on campus; they don’t get many of the benefits the NCAA sanctioned sports do. This may be part of why few people are aware of the team, however DelSonno, “Urges people to come out to one game and give it a chance.” He is confident that once people see one game they will be hooked because it is such an exciting sport and it’s a great, “bang for your buck sport entertainment wise.”

Junior defenseman Andrew Bullard echoes DelSonno’s sentiment about this year’s team being one that could do something special. “The difference between my first year on the team and this one is that everyone is really excited to be at the rink. My freshman year a lot of people seemed to dwell on the disappointments of the previous season, but now we’ve experienced success and it gives us a common goal to work towards.” Both players believe this new motto of “winning is contagious” has this team geared for a successful run. They say there is extra intensity on the ice and that this year’s team is even more talented than last years.

“This team works as hard as any other team on campus. We practice or have some team activity going six days a week; sometimes we have things twice a day. Our season is longer than any other team’s, and we’re an exciting team to watch.” For these simple reason’s it seems that this team may be the one to watch during the winter.

Siena Men’s Basketball: Soon to Return

from September 2, 2008 issue

By: Craig Millward

The Siena men’s basketball team is set to kick off their new season, and try to defend their MAAC title of last year, with a scrimmage against Union College on November 8th at 7 pm.

What makes this regular season tune-up so special? Instead of being at their usual home, the Pepsi Arena, the team will play on campus at the UHY court in the Alumni Recreation Center. The last time the men’s basketball team played at the Alumni Recreation Center was 10 years ago in an 84-68 exhibition win against Korabel-Ukraine.

This game comes with an added bonus for the team as they plan to finance their summer trip to Italy with this game.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on Friday September 26, and are $20 for adults and $10 for children 14 and younger. Fans will be able to purchase tickets on

This Week in College Football

from October 2, 2008 issue

By Nathaniel Bette

NEW YORK – The AP Top 25 had quite a shakeup this weekend as 4 teams in the top 10 lost for the first time this season. Leading that trend was Oregon State’s stunning upset of juggernaut USC on Thursday night in Corvallis. The loss was USC’s first of the year and dropped them to No. 9 on the AP Poll. The vacancy at the top spot was filled by Oklahoma after their win over TCU. They broke the record for most times ranked No. 1 in the AP poll with 96 instances, breaking Notre Dame’s record of 95.

Georgia, the previous No. 2, was dismantled by Alabama in a Saturday night shocker at home and fell to No. 11. SEC rivals Alabama and LSU jumped to fill the vacant No.’s 2 and 3 positions. Missouri and Texas also were bumped up by their wins over the weekend. Penn State jumped up six spots to 6th place after defeating Illinois. Texas Tech, though idle, moved up to 7th. BYU fills the gap between the very top and USC. South Florida rounds out the top 10.

The SEC occupied slots 11-13, with Georgia, Florida, and Auburn holding those positions. They were followed by Ohio State, Utah, Kansas, Boise State, and Wisconsin, who fell after losing to Michigan in the Big House. Vanderbilt and Virginia Tech comprised the end of the top 20.

Oklahoma State rejoined the rankings for the first time since 2004. They were followed by Fresno State, Oregon, Connecticut, and Wake Forest, who slipped to No. 25 after losing at home to Navy.

Giants Begin Title Defense With a Statement

from September 18, 2008 issue

By Nate Bette

EAST RUTHERFORD – There were many sportswriters and talking heads predicting that the New York Giants would finish third in the NFC East this season. They argued that the loss of the Giants two best defensive players (among five total starters lost) would be the teams demise.

Think again.

The Giants answered their critics’ skepticism with a strong defensive performance, surrendering only 217 total yards to the Washington Redskins in a 16-7 win last Thursday night. The first defensive play from scrimmage was a Justin Tuck sack of Redskins Quarterback Jason Campbell, whom the Giants never allowed to find his stride. The rest of the defense set the tone of the game. The Offense dominated early, scoring on its first three possessions. Eli Manning ran a bootleg to the right into the end zone, eluding new Redskin DE, Jason Taylor, in the process. Plaxico Burress lived up to his new contract extension, catching 10 balls for 133 yards. Brandon Jacobs put some more fear into opposing defensive backs with his trampling of Redskins safety, LaRon Landry. However, there were some hiccups in the second half. Manning threw several balls at the Redskins’ secondary, one of which were picked off by Fred Smoot. Also, the last few offensive drives, making their way to the red zone, ended in field goals rather than touchdowns. If the Giants are to remain competitive in their division (and conference), they will need to cap off drives with six points instead of three. Nevertheless, the defense put out a stalwart effort, and proved to their critics that they still possess a potent pass rush.

Saints Shut Out Albany

from September 18, 2008 issue

By: Laila Wahdani

“I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is the moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle-victorious.”

-Vince Lambardi

There were cleats pounding the ground, elbows thrown around, slide tackles, pushing, shoving, and yelling. One would think that it was some sort of extreme sport, but instead, it was the beginning of a college soccer game: a women’s soccer game to be specific.

With dominant force, the Siena Women’s Soccer team coasts to their third win of the season. Defeating Albany 4-0 for the first time since 2004, each Siena player brought something special to the field. The team ran circles around Albany, passing between their legs and little chips over their heads. Albany looked stunned as they were hit with counter attacks and amazing ball control.

Siena freshman, Ashley Barone, was the player to watch, as she put on a show, scoring a hat trick, an adding an assist to the fourth goal, scored by Senior, Stephanie Dimari. Barone was even named MAAC Offensive player of the week. Along with Barone, number 23, Chelsea McGuire was astonishing on the field. In fact, her glorious crosses ended in two of the four goals for the Saints.

This Saints team is one to be watched. They have perfect chemistry. So much so that once a ball is passed someone was always ready to receive it. So far they have defeated three teams, and there shall be many others. This team has magic: prepare to be amazed.

Siena Men’s Cross Country Team Take Third at First Meet

from September 18, 2008 issue

By: Andrew Reilly

The Siena Men’s Cross Country team took third place at the 4th annual Saint Rose Golden Knight Joust Meet. This was the first Meet of the season for the Saints.

Siena Freshmen, Ian Donnelly, was the top finisher for the Saints, as he came in 10th posting a time of 27: 31.

The Men finished the five mile race with 101 points. Senior, Ryan Donnelly, finished 18th with a time of 27:59. Freshman, David Ellsworth, finished with a time of 28:31, Greg Moss, with a time of 28:41, and Jed Turnbull, also added to the Saints score, finishing with a time of 28:45.

This marks a good start for the Saints, as their next meet is at Central Connecticut State.

Siena Men’s Soccer Looks to Get Rolling

from September 18, 2008 issue

By: Stephen Archer

After a thrilling late game victory over New Jersey Institute of Technology, the Siena men’s soccer team has lost its last two contests. While NJIT controlled the tempo and game for much of the first half, that quickly turned all for nothing when junior Robert DiFilippo scored in the eightieth minute to give Siena the game winner.

On the first day of classes this semester the Saints were not as fortunate. The Saints were out shot by the University at Buffalo 22-9. Buffalo would score the winning goal on a free kick in the fortieth minute. The Saints lost the game 2-0.

The Saints third contest was a heartbreaker. UMass scored in the final minutes to top Siena. The Saints keeper, Steve Skonieczny, recorded a season high with eleven saves. The Saints have been in all of the games that they have played, but it seems like their one play away from changing the outcome of the game.

Look for the Saints to get hot as they open up league play against St. Peter’s on October 10 at Siena.

This Week in College Football

from September 18, 2008 issue

By Nathaniel Bette

NEW YORK – The top of the College football AP Top 25 remained the same after week two, but a few teams shuffled things around just below number 1 USC. Ohio State fell from 3 to 5 after a less than inspiring effort against Ohio University. The Buckeyes will face USC at the L.A. Coliseum this weekend, with the Trojans having had last weekend off during their bye.

One of the notable stories from the college ranks this week has to be East Carolina cracking the top 25 list for the first time in nine years. The Pirates defeated Virginia Tech in an upset in week one, and pulled off a similar feat at home against West Virginia this past weekend. Their ranking of 14 is the highest the school has had since 1991. Meanwhile, the Mountaineers dropped down to number 25

The Florida Gators beat the Miami Hurricanes for the first time since 1985 last Saturday. Quarterback Tim Tebow, who was not even born the last time Florida defeated “The U,” threw for 256 yards and two touchdowns in a 26-3 rout. They leapfrogged Ohio State into the number 4 spot after last week’s 5. SEC rival Georgia remained at number 2 after trouncing Central Michigan 56-17. LSU remained at number 7 after their scheduled game with Troy State was postponed due to the hurricane activity on the Gulf Coast. Texas, Auburn, and Wisconsin rounded out the rest of the top 10.

Taking a look at the 15 remaining teams: Alabama jumped from 13 to 11 after defeating Tulane, Kansas jumped from 14 to 13 after beating Louisiana Tech, Arizona State remained at 15, Oregon and Penn State jumped over BYU after the Cougar’s controversial victory over Washington, South Florida dropped to 19, and Wake Forest, Fresno State, and Utah held spots 21-23. UCLA fell out of the top 25 after being idle last weekend. They face BYU next week. Also falling was South Carolina, after its loss to Vanderbilt. California jumped in at 23 after beating Washington State, and Illinois stayed at 24 after its victory against Eastern Illinois. West Virginia held the 25 spot after falling from 8th the previous week.

Phelps Swims his Way to the Top

from September 4, 2008 issue

By Andrew Reilly

United States swimmer Michael Phelps came into Beijing facing a tough challenge, one that would mark him as the best swimmer in his time, and maybe of all time. Phelps was scheduled to compete in 8 events, giving him the opportunity to achieve 8 gold medals, an Olympic record. The previous gold record holder was Mark Spitz who won 7 in the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

Of the 8 gold medals that Phelps won, he also set 7 world records. Phelps set records in the 400 m individual medley, 400 m individual medley, 400 x 100 m freestyle relay, 200 m freestyle, 200 m butterfly, 4 x 200 m freestyle relay, 200 m individual medley, and 4 x 100 m medley relay. Phelps also set an Olympic record for his 7th event, which was the 400 m individual medley.

Baseball Captain National Finalist for Sportsmanship Award

from september 4, 2008 issue

By Stephen Archer

Siena College outfielder, and captain of the baseball team, Nick Messinger, has been nominated for the 2008 NCAA Sportsmanship award. Messinger became the MAAC’s official nominee based on the input of all the MAAC schools. Each of the NCAA’s 31 conferences submits a nominee.

Messinger, a true student athlete, was very deserving of the MAAC’s nomination. While Messinger embodies the Franciscan values of Siena College, his philanthropy work began well before he enrolled here; it began in his Norton Massachusetts community. Throughout his youth he volunteered for his local church and served as a sports camp counselor. In addition, Nick has donated his time to the Big Brother program for three years, and has spent the past five years as a volunteer and organizer for the Sarah Pellon/Paula Q. Smith Memorial Scholarship Road Race.

While at Siena, Messinger has worked as a physical education instructor for a local school through the Saints in the Community program. He and his teammates have also done volunteer work with Ronald McDonald House Charities. However, Messinger’s greatest work may be the friendship he has formed with Siena alum Michael Potter. Thanks to Messinger, Potter, who has Cerebral Palsy, has a seat next to the dugout for every Siena home game. The sociology major does all of this while keeping a 3.2 GPA and hitting .319 with 34 RBIs. Messinger is a true role model for the entire Siena community.

Sports Writers Needed!!

from Summer, 2008 issue

By Andrew Reilly

Do you like sports? Do you like writing? Why not combine the two and write for the sports section of the Promethean! It’s easy and it looks great on a job application, and you don’t need any high school experience at all.

Writing for the Promethean is a good way to meet new and interesting people, and to get your name known around the Siena community.

If you are interested in joining the sports section, contact me at It will make your time at Siena that much better!

You Think You Got Game?

from Summer, 2008 issue

By Stephen Archer

As an incoming freshman there is a great deal of things that one can get involved in. One thing that is a great way to meet people, stay in shape and show off your skills is intramural sports. Siena has several different intramural sports including Flag Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Floor Hockey, softball, and many others. You can continue to play something that you competed in high school or try something new. With all of those different sports there is no reason not to sign up! Grab some people that live in your building, or maybe people from your Foundations class or you can even sign up individually.

Visit: WWW.SIENASAINTS.COM for the latest on your Siena Saints!

Siena Basketball MAAC’n It
Student Ticket Plan Revamped

from Nov. 8 issue

By Alex May

If you want fast-food, go to McDonald’s-if you want fast results, hire McCaffery.
In just two seasons with the Saints, head men’s basketball coach Fran McCaffery, has rebounded (pun intended) Siena from two straight losing seasons-2003-2004 and

2004-2005-into two consecutive winning seasons and a run at the MAAC championship, falling short to Niagara 83-79.
With a new season on the horizon, McCaffery and his army are ready to electrify the Capital Region once again.
Although there had been a decline in attendance several years ago, numbers are now on the rise and Siena director of athletics John D’Argenio is very pleased.
“We’re excited… Our goal is to make Siena basketball a fan friendly event and provide the Capital Region community a quality product they can rally around.” After the 2006-2

007 season, Siena ranked 94th nationally in attendance among NCAA Division I institutions-showing a 455 fan-boost per game.
This year, along with a newly reconfigured (and renamed) Times Union Center, the Siena Athletic Department has made some changes to their student ticket policy.
With the exception of the UAlbany game (12/1), Siena students will be in the best seats of the house all season-located in the end zones behind each basket, ensuring close proximity to every dunk and three-pointer. Because the Times Union Center (TUC) has cut down on seating, there will only be 510 tickets available to students-approximately 255 per end zone with 50 going to the pep band.
Also new this year, Siena students will no longer be able

to get a free ticket in the TUC box office. Students who do not pick up the free ticket on campus before the game or who do not want to sit in the floor section can purchase a ticket in the TUC box office at the regular ticket price, which ranges from $12 to $24 depending on the section.
Student Senate President Joe Hanson is just as motivated as the athletic department. “I would rather see students packed into [the end zones], screaming and cheering for our team, then having them dispersed about a 15,000 seat arena.”
Instead of standing in a long line at the box office in the MAC five minutes before your Foundations class, tickets will now be available at Saga, designated places in Siena Hall and at the sub shop for two days a week before the game. The tickets

will be distributed from 11-2 P.M. with the first day being designated for Dog Pound Members only. The second day will be available for all other students-including part-timers and commuters-with a valid Siena student I.D. card. The only downside is that after the 510 tickets are distributed, there won’t be anymore available for students.
Anticipating a high campus turnout, the athletic department will look to promote on Facebook-so after you’re done un-tagging all those embarrassing pictures from the night before, remember to check your upcoming events.
Although the women’s basketball team normally plays in the ARC, they will have three home games at the TUC. Thes

e games are the first half of men’s and women’s basketball doubleheaders, thus if you get a ticket for the first game, it’s valid for the other.

So with all that said you have to ask yourself: Why pay for a seat ten minutes before game-time, when you could have already gotten a free ticket courtside and a free ride?
Senate President Joe Hanson added that the new policy “will ensure that the most enthused fans will be at the game. That is what embodies Saint Spirit.”
The men’s basketball team kicks off at the TUC on November 17 as they take on possible Top 25 Stanford University. So check your email, Facebook and anywhere else on cam

pus to make sure you have the best seat to catch the action and cheer on your Saints.

Women’s Rugby Ranks Fourth in the Nation

from Oct. 25th issue

By Andrew Reilly


At a small school like Siena, it is very rare when one of your sports teams is ranked #4 in the nation. For the women’s rugby club, it is reality.
Every day they work hard at practice for two hours, with one goal, to be the best team, and that they are, having not lost a regular season game in three years. This season the girls played Suny Oneonta, Union College, RPI and St. Lawrence. Even St. Lawrence their biggest opponent was no match for the powerful Saint’s team, let alone the other teams.
“When we are all playing together, we are unstoppable.” Jessica Cromie, a seniorrugby1-copy.jpg captain who plays outside center, said. “This season has been really exciting, and I look forward to the tough competition in playoffs.”
“This team is so successful because we are so close on and off the field, were basically all sisters,” said junior captain, Danielle Medieros. “We are just having fun and doing what we love to do, and that’s going out and playing competitive rugby.”
Alyssa Dattoli, a sophomore back, explained that one of the reasons why this year’s team is so good is due to the team chemistry. “As a rookie I’ve never felt so comfortable with new people on a new team. All the veterans really go out of their way to help us rookies learn the game and really reach out to get to know who we are.
With a good team, there is always a good coach, and Tom Harvey, alongside “JJ”, puts a lot of time and effort into coaching this rugby team. Harvey stresses everyday about defense. “Offense wins games, but defense wins championships, that’s our motto.” “From here on out every game is important. We play every game likes it’s the last game of our lives.”
The Saints have one more game in the regular season before they get ready for the playoffs, all the players, and coaches are very confident going into the post season, which starts in November, if they get past that round they will head to regional’s, and then nationals which is hosted in California this coming May. The chances for the Saints to go there is very high.

Men’s Soccer in Middle of MAAC Pack

from Oct. 25th issue

By Alex May

Despite their record, the men’s soccer team is right in the thick of things in the MAAC rankings. With two more wins in conference play, the Saints have a chance to move ahead of the pack. Because every team makes the tournament, the higher a team places, the lower the seed they face will be—which is what the Saints are trying to do.
The Siena men stepped onto the home pitch for their first conference game and battled Loyola (Md.) to a 2-0 loss. Keeping the Greyhounds away from the net in the first half, Loyola came out firing and scored both goals in a matter of three minutes. Although the Saints are frustrated with the end result, their performance against an undefeated conference powerhouse can’t be too disappointing.
“The MAAC has gotten so much stronger this year,” said head coach Charlie Curto. “If you don’t go to play, you’re going to have problems.”
The Saints’ first conference win came against Rider on October 7, when they pulled off the 1-0 nail-biter. Sophomore forward Anthony Tagliaferri cemented Siena’s win in the 88th minute when he put a Steve Covino cross into the back of the net.
One of the most frustrating losses came less than a week later when Siena fell by a goal to the other dominant MAAC opponent—Canisius. Freshman, Nick Viaggio, opened it up just four and a half minutes into the contest. The Golden Griffins evened it to a point-a-piece heading into halftime. After another Canisius goal in the second half, sophomore forward, Anthony Tagliaferri, shot a missile to the back of the net to even the score yet again.
Unfortunately, the momentum unraveled for the Saints when senior co-captain, Jason Laffin, drew a red card and a penalty kick, which allowed Canisius to take the victory away from Siena. Apparently, the call was an erroneous handball on Laffin. Being the last defender, it drew an automatic ejection and penalty kick for the winning Golden Griffins.
After the match at Canisius, the Saints rolled into Lewiston, NY to take on the Niagara Purple Eagles with a clear directive—no more losing. Freshman midfielder, Joseph Tempone, took full advantage of a loose ball and netted his first college career goal and the only one for the Saints in a double-overtime tie with Niagara. Additionally, freshman goalkeeper, Steve Skonieczny, posted an impressive eight saves during this game.
Their upcoming game at Marist is of “huge importance,” said Coach Curto. “A win there can jump you up into the top five. We want to stay out of those bottom four and get us a by.” He added that “any given team can beat anybody on any day.” With the spark and determination of his players, Curto believes that they will be that given team.

Solace for Mets Fans

from Oct. 11th issue

By Adam Rossi

I didn’t want to believe it; it just could not be happening. I sat on the couch, my eyes gazing at the television screen but staring into an empty abyss and my hands cupped over my mouth. A million thoughts were running through my head, most of them too vulgar to print in this article. After watching a team dominate the National League last year and coming to within one game of the World Series, and then following that up in 2007 by spending 136 consecutive days in first place it was hard to believe that the New York Mets were not going to be National League East Champions.
The entire 2007 season was a roller coaster ride for the Mets. For whatever reason, the Mets decided to play like it was 1962 during the month of June and early July. They got lucky however, because although they were playing bad, the Braves and Phillies were playing worse. Even after they were swept in the 4 game series by the Phillies they pulled the unthinkable and swept the Atlanta Braves in what might as well have been the depths of Mordor for them, Turner Field. As underachieving as they were, it looked as though everything was going to be fine.
The Friday before they started their final series against the Phillies, who they had a 6.5 game lead over at the time I was talking to a fellow Mets fan about the series. I said, “All they need to do is win 1
In essence, that was the end for the Mets. I think fans saw it coming, we just did not want to believe it was possible. When it finally did happen, it was worse than any of us had expected. It’s silly to think that a baseball team can anger you the way the Mets angered me. At first I felt like a loser, but after seeing the reactions from other fans I felt better about myself.
This team is notorious for breaking our hearts, yet we keep coming back. Why do we do this to ourselves? Would we ever continually go back to a restaurant who claimed to serve the best Filet Mignon but wound up handing out a menu in which the best meat they serve is beef jerky? No, of course not.
So then why do we continue to believe in a baseball team that has done nothing but disappoint us over the past 21 years? Part of it could be because we’re stupid. Another reason could be because that’s what Tug McGraw told us to do. But I think we do it because that’s what baseball is all about. It’s so meaningless in life, yet can be so significant. If a girlfriend (or boyfriend) breaks your heart, they usually don’t come back. If you screw up in school or at work, you can’t make up for it. That’s what makes baseball so great. There’s always the chance for redemption. The Mets broke our hearts this year; they deceived us. But they will always come back and we will always take them back because we know that it can all change with one magical season. There’s always a renewed sense of hope and never a loss of faith. If you’re a Mets fan and you look back at the way this season went, there’s only one thing you can say: Ya Gotta Believe!

A Red Carpet Affair

from Oct. 11th issue

By Christine Maccarone

On September 27th, in an effort to kick off the upcoming basketball season, the Times Union Center held what Camelia Trahan, marketing manager for the Athletic Department, called a “Red Carpet Event.” Siena’s men’s and women’s basketball teams arrived dressed in their finest attire to mingle with fans. The teams walked down the red carpet, which was decorated with velvet ropes and eight trophy girls, dressed in elegant black dresses.
The basketball court held life-size Oscar statues, with drapes as decorations, to give the feel of a true red carpet affair. This miniature Oscar event was open to the public and season ticket holders, free of charge. Fans were asked to RSVP, and from this, an expected four hundred and twenty-three were attending. However, there ended up being over five hundred excited locals, Siena graduates and current Siena students at the event. Here, fans were able to enjoy a variety of food and beverages, while chatting with the players and coaches. It was an excellent opportunity for fans and players to meet and greet.
The event was held in order to improve the ticket sales of the Siena Basketball games. Attendance has been down over the past few years, and this Oscar event was to remind locals that Siena is ready for a new season and needs as much support as possible from the community. Existing season ticket holders had the option to relocate seats, while all the other guests had the chance to purchase tickets and see the new configuration of the Times Union Center.
Along with free food and drink, the radio station, WVCR The Saint, was there to provide music for the event. In addition, SCTV was along the red carpet to showcase and interveiw, first-hand, the players coming down the red carpet. Siena sophomore, Jill Shanahan, attended and said, “I wound up being a trophy girl, which made the night interesting, but it was nice to be part of such an event for Siena.” It appears as though the event was a success, with fans anticipating the upcoming season.


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